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Founding father/ancient rome

Founding Fathers/Roman Times Script






Dr. Boles









Terrorist 1-

Terrorist 2-Lily

Terrorist 3-Seth

Terrorist 4

Arnold Swartzenagger

Dolph Lundgren

Founding Fathers:

General Cornwallis

General Nathanial Greene

Britsh soldier 1

American soldier 2

American soldier 1

French soldier 2

Mel Gibson









Arnold Swartzenagger

Terrorist 1

Terrorist 2

Roman Times




Roman soldier 1

Roman soldier 2

Roman soldier 3








Terrorist 3

Terrorist 4

Dolf Lundren


Dr.Boles- Well, the sixties were fun. Alright everyone watch your step.

John- Jimi Hendrix was amazing

JJ- That was amazing. Good thing Adrian suggested Woodstock.

Adrian- I always wanted to see The Who.

Dr. Boles-Hey Nate, What’s in that sack?

Nate- Um…..tea.

Dr.Boles- Hmmmm…I’m gonna take your word for it.

Rich-We should get back to our rooms, and have some tea.

Eric- Yes, Lets.

Arnold- Hey Nate, were do want this sack of green?

Nate- Dammit

Narrator- On the other side of Rollins College

Terrorist 3(British Accent)- They have just arrived from the seventies. Should we take the bus now?

Terrorist 1(Russian accent)- No. The bus has to first recharge. When the bus has recharge, then we shall go and take the bus. We should be out of this time in 5 minutes or less. Everyone remember their code numbers.

All terrorist: Yes

Terrorist 2(German Accent)-Finally, we shall finally after months of research and planning, we are finally able to go back in time and stop the United States from ever being created. 4, you seem awfully quiet for a man who is about to stop uncreate the greatest power of out time.

Terrorist 4(arab accent)- I shall rejoice when the United States are gone. Then I shall pray towards Mecca, and thank Allah for giving me this opportunity.

Terrorist 1-So Lets makes this clear one last time. 4 and I will be going to the time the United States was first created, the Revolutionary war. There, we will give our modern day weapons to them, our RPG’s, our assault rifles, our machines guns and they will defeat the American colonies.

Terrorist 2- But Before that, we will send 3 and I to the Roman Times. There we wait till we get 1’s signal of either their success or their failure. If it was a failure, we are to find Jesus and tell him about America and tell him it is a demon place, and have him preach about it, so not creating the Americas is imbedded into the Christianity.

Terrorist 2: This plan is fail proof. We shall finally see a day without the power hungry United States.

Narrator-Back at the Darkness Visible classroom, a few minutes later

Dr.Boles- Alright, The Magic school bus has recharged, but we have to waste his trip to return this nice giant sack. You can blame Nate on that one. Arnold.

Arnold-I shall my giant muscles to throw this sack into the bus.

Dr.Boles-Alright, Nate Get in. I’m going give you a lesson on people who do drugs

(Crash sound)

Josi-What was that?

Walker-Oh my god they have guns.

(sound of gun shots)

(Yelling of panic)

Terrorist 1: No one say a single thing. I want everyone to move to that corner. Right now!


Arnold- Oh my god its just like my movie commando, or predator, or

Terrorist 4: He said be quiet!

(sound of getting hit)

Arnold-(werid Arnold sound)

Terrorist 4: He said everyone get to the corner. Now!

(more gunshots)

(Yelling of panic)

Terrorist 2: 3, Get on the bus and make sure its recharge and working.

Terrorist 3: Okay.

Terrorist 1: Remember; set it the bus to go to first to the year 34, then the year 1780.

Dr.Boles- Hey, what are you planning to do with the bus.

Terrorist 4: He said be quiet you American.

Terrorist 2: wait, don’t hit him. They deserve to know before they are thrown out into oblivion. We are here to destroy the United States before it has ever been created.

Amanda: Who are you people?

Terrorist 1: We are part of the Religious Coalition of the World. We a group that has lived on for a millennia and a half destroying any person, group or country which has become religiously fowl. Rome was our first successful conquest of religious purity, and through out the centuries since then, we have destroyed thousands of city and countries. We are the cause the Byzantine Empire was invaded and destroyed. We are currently slowly destroying Russia by controlling its economy and making it fall worse and worse until its collapses. The United States, we watched, has become a giant hypocritical mistake on the world created by man. For the last 50 years, this country has been promoting democracy, or at least saying it does, but what about Iran? Where was democracy when the United States joined Great Britain to overthrow the established democratic government there and put in place a dictator? It times the United States pay for its mistakes throughout history. We are going to go back in time to stop this country from ever being created and we shall use the technology in this bus to destroy any country we need to stop.

Terrorist 3- It is ready, Everyone Get on this blasted bus, now!!


Terrorist 1- Good bye, now. You shall never, see your precious America again. (evil laugh)

(if the bus has a sound when going through time, it would go here.)

Maddy-Oh my god, what are we going to do.

Arnold-Bleh what happened. I haven’t been passed out like that since I went to Beerfest in 72’ and had 600 beers per hour for a whole month straight.

Dr. Boles- Oh no this is not good, this is not good at all.

Rich- Dr. Boles we have to stop them some how. They are gonna mess with time, maybe even reverse time, and cause a rip the time space continuum and create a black whole which sucks up the earth, and grows at the rate of infinity bends time and goes into the past, present and future, destroys the entire universe,

Dr.Boles- Actually, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. How did you know that?

Rich- I read it in a book somewhere.

Eric- so now that we know what’s going happen, how are we going to actually stop it from happening.

Dr.Boles- I have a plan if this ever happened but…I didn’t plan on this to happen until I revealed the bus to the world.

Amanda-What’s the plan? We have to try anything right now to stop them.

Dr.Boles- okay this is the plan I created. I have built 2 back up buses, which special sensors and I filled them with military materials.

JJ: what are military materials?

Dr. Boles- Bullet proof vests, guns, anti-tanks missiles…stuff like that. The special sensors I put in the buses are able to trace exactly where in time the original bus went, but you guys can’t do this, you’re just college students. This plan was meant to be with people from delta force or Special Forces or something. We need trained professionals.

Arnold-I’m a trained professional, haven’t you seen my movie Commando. How I kill 5 thousand

Dr. Boles-That was a movie. You’re an actor, you can’t handle a gun if you wanted to.

Arnold-Why do you have be so hurtful?

Nate- Dr. Boles…it’s a time machine. We can go any place in time, train there, become professionals, and stop those religious wackos.

Dr. Boles-That might work…The black hole, shouldn’t grow large enough until maybe 2 years from now…and we could still follow them back in time…Alright, I don’t like but, we have to do it… but we need another driver for the other bus

Arnold: I know someone.

Narrator-12 hours later

Seth-you brought Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren-hello everybody, I hear you need a bus driver.

Dr. Boles-Alright whatever, this whole mission is just weird anyway.

Narrator-1 year and 11 months later somewhere in time.

Dr. Boles-Finally, we have trained hard for the last 21 months and have become extremely built and muscular.

Eric-Hey, I’m like Arnold when he was young.

Arnold-I can still your ass, like how I kick the ass of that alien from outer space in predator or that liquid metal robot in The Teminator 2.

Dr.Boles-Okay we have 1 month to stop those terrorist guys. In the first bus, which I names Alpha Bus, is going to be driven by Arnold with Amanda, Maddie, Lily, Eric, Rich, Walker, JJ and myself in it. In the second bus, Omega bus, will be driven by Dolph Lundgren with Josi, Lily, Sara, John, Seth, Nate, Adrian, Rich, Johnny in it. I’ve track exactly where they are, and Alpha bus will be going to the year 1780 during the revolutionary war. Omega bus will be going to the year 34, during the time of the Roman Empire. Alright, everybody, get on the buses, it time to kick ass.

Adrian: I just realized something. Why didn’t you build tanks instead of buses to chase terrorists around time?

Dr.Boles- I don’t know, but my you messed up really cool line.

Founding Fathers

Narrator: In Yorktown, during the year 1780…

British Soldier 1: Genral Cornwallis.

General Cornwallis: What is it? Do you know see that I am busy? Okay we need to keep following Greene In every battle we defeat him, yet he still eludes us. We shall cut him of here by this hill. The boy cannot escape me.

British Soldier 1: Um sir, there are two people to see you one, on Russian, one from the middle. They are wearing clothing I have never seen.

General Cornwallis: Who cares what kind of clothing they are wearing. Who are they?

British Soldier 1: They wouldn’t tell us their names, but they say they have some vital resources we can use to completely crush the rebels.

General Cornwallis: Make them, leave. How did they inside Yorktown anyway?

British soldier- they came in a strange looking carriage made of metal, and is self propelled. No horses pulling it.

General Cornwallis: No horses? Hmmm…they must be worth talking to. Fine let them in.

British soldier 1: Hey, You can meet the general now.

Terrorist 1: Greetings General, I would like to announce myself, but I would rather not reveal myself at this time.

General Cornwallis: If do not know name, then what is the purpose of talking?

Terrorist 1- Touche, General, but I can only give you my surname. 1. The person next to me will be directed as 4.

General Cornwallis(jokingly): Now where is 2 and 3?

Terrorist 1: Another time. I see you are busy planning an attack. I would suggest otherwise.

General Cornwallis: What do you mean, every battle we had over the last few months has been towards our victory.

Terrorist 1: Greene’s forces are weakening you. Each battle you lose more and more, and your supplies dwindle, but he just retreats losing less men than you and he is able to re-supply anywhere. It’s his strategy.

General Cornwallis: Then what do you suppose I do? Let him just build his forces?

Terrorist 1: Yes. Let his amass a giant army and let him attack you.

General Cornwallis: Why would I do that? That would be suicide.

Terrorist 1: Not if you have an incredibly significant advantage over him.

General Cornwallis: And I suppose you have this incredibly significant advantage.

Terrorist 1: Come with me General. I have something to show you.

Narrator: Two weeks later…

(magic bus sound)

Arnold: Okay everybody we are here in the year 1780. It is finally time for me to kick some terrorist ass, just like in my hit movie, True Lies. After this, I can finally start doing action movie again, and maybe kick the ass of The Rock or Vin Diesel.

Maddy: The sensor says we’ve arrived two weeks after the terrorist have. Does this affect anything?

Dr.Boles- Hopefully, they haven’t done too much chaos here. Amanda, where is our location in this time.

Amanda- We are fifty miles north of Yorktown.

Dr.Boles- Yorktown is probably were they are. Walker, JJ and Lily, head up to Yorktown and do some reconnaissance. We need to know if the terrorist are there. If they are, find out what have they done to influence the war in favor of the British and don’t let anyone see you.

Walker, JJ, Amanda and Lily: Yes Sir.

Arnold: Take some extra ammunition. You never know when you are going to need to blow a building. Or 2….or 15….or a whole town.

Lily: Thanks Arnold. We will.

Eric: What do you want the rest of us to do?

Dr. Boles- We are going to find General Nathaniel Greene and find out if he knows if anything that has happened. Everyone knows so the general plan so far?

Everyone: Yes

Maddy- Once we find information on Yorktown, how do we find you?

Dr.Boles- Everyone activate their transponders every 2 hours for 2 minutes, everyone knows everyone else is. Our IPD’s can track the signal. Be careful though, the terrorist might be able to track the signal as well. Okay everyone. Lets go save the United States of America.

Eric: I need a change of batteries for my IPD.

Dr.Boles- You guys keep ruining my really cool lines.

Narrator: Back at Yorktown….

Terrorist 4: 1, the sensors have picked up the Doppler waves of the time rip, but it was unnatural. Natural time rips last for hours and maybe even days at least, but this one was only open for a few seconds.

Terrorist 1: Only one thing can cause an unnatural time rip. 2 and 4 don’t have a bus, so that would mean we’ve been followed to this time.

General Cornwallis: What has happened?

Terrorist 1: Do not worry, this can be taken care of. Send an untrained squad to that area. If we have been followed, they won’t interact with the squad at all. It might ruin their history.

Narrator: A few hours later…

JJ: Good thing we beat up that squad of British troops that was just walking by. Where do you think they were going?

Amanda: Who knows and who cares? Now we have disguises to infiltrate Yorktown.

Walker: Hey, Lily. How much farther till Yorktown?

Lily: We should be able to see it when we reach the top of the hill.

Walker: Finally, my feet are killing me.


Lily: There it is, Yorktown. Everyone take out your binoculars, JJ you will watch quadrant 4. Amanad, you watch quadrant 2, Walker, Quadrant 1. I’ll Look at Quadrant 3.

Walker: Alright.

JJ: Everything looks normal here in quadrant 4. wait wait. I see …a…a machine gun?

Walker: I’m seeing a few soldiers in the barracks up in the corner of my quadrant with body armor but I also see a bunch of barracks without any kind of body armor anywhere.

Lily: Probably managed to train a few of the British soldiers. I see a few of them in my quadrant. I also see…three bunkers with machine guns. I also see the bus. No one is inside and looks intact.. Wait, I see 5 soldiers taking out…ak74’s. Three box fulls.

Amanda: I see the terrorists. They are in a room with maybe 5 other guys. Four of them just saluted to the one with the wig and left. I’m guessing that one is General Cornwallis. Everyone take mental note of what you see, all the positions of modern weapons and the bus.

JJ: Hey we have to turn on our transponders, its been 2 hours.

Lily: oh yeah, everyone turn on…Now.

(sound of bleep)

Narrator: At the same time at Yorktown.

Terrorist 4: We have four unknown signal coming from a mile away, and a group of a few more some 20 miles away.

Terrorist 1: Reconnaissance. Where was the last time General Nathanial Greene seen?

Terrorist 4: We found 4 or 5 American rebels looking on the base, which means they he is about 25 miles away. He is probably scouting for the right time to attack.

Terrorist 1: Probably, get everyone on full alert. Expect a full invasion tomorrow morning.

Terrorist 4: Yes sir.

General Cornwallis: All the men haven’t been trained with your super weapons. We don’t have enough armor for everyone either.

Terrorist 1: Do not worry General. We have enough train people to complete devastate what ever offensive they are planning and break their back bone. When he is defeated, we can train the rest of your army, and we will march up north, and defeat George Washington. By the end of 2 months, the rebellion will be nothing more than a blip in history.

Narrator: A few hours later, 20 miles from Yorktown

Maddy: How much longer till we find Greene?

Rich: We asked those townspeople, and they said 20 miles south. His camp site should be in the general area.

Eric: I think we just found it. There’s a large clearing up ahead, and a few smoke trails coming from it.

Dr. Boles: Alright, lets go check.


American soldier 1: Who goes there? Hey! Who are you?

Arnold: Shall I crush him?

Dr.Boles- No, its American soldier. We are your allies and we have incredible important information for General Nathanial Greene.

American soldier 1: What kind of information?

Dr.Boles: General Cornwallis might posses weapons that could completely shift the balance of power to his side, and completely obliterate the entire Continental Army.

American soldier 2: Who are these people?

American soldier 1: These people claim to have important information about a weapon the British might have. Send them to General Greene, immediately.

Narrator: an hour later……

Dr. Boles: That’s who we are General, and that’s what the British might posses.

General Nathanial Greene-That’s incredible. How can we possibly defeat them with these you say they have?

Eric: We can bring our weapons to take out any significant weapons they have so your soldiers can come in and take over the town.

General Nathanial Greene-How will you know where their weapons are by tomorrow?

French Soldier 1: General Greene. There are four other people just like them wanting to give some important information.

Rich- That’s how.

Lily: hey Dr. Boles, we check the entire town, we even managed to get inside, and placed bombs to where they are caching the weapons, and on any modern day defensive.

Dr. Boles: Great job. General Nathanial here has a map of the town. You four put on what you found out from the town and we will formulate a plan there.

Narrator: A few minutes later.

Dr-Boles-Okay, go through the plan again.

Amanda: Just before sunrise, I’ll set off the explosives and take out the machine guns, barrack of trained soldiers, and the weapon armories.

Maddy- Then me, rich and lily will rush to the front gates, take out any soldier there, open the gates.

Rich- which is when I release the smoke grenade, signaling

JJ- Me, walker and Dr.Boles to rush to the gates.

Lily: As JJ, walker and Dr.Boles are rushing to the gates, we will go and secure the magic school bus.

Walker- When me, JJ and Dr. Boles reach the gate I will signal Arnold with a flare gun.

Arnold: then I will lead the American forces towards Yorktown.

Dr. Boles-As the American forces are advancing on the town, Me, JJ, and Walker will go up to where the terrorist are and subdue them. Then we will go to bus and go back in time and help Omega team capture the last two terrorists.

Eric: I wonder how…Wait? Is that Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson-What?! Um…no its not, it’s Mel Gibson’s ancestor…uh….Gel Mibson

Eric-Do you really think we’re going to believe that.

Mel Gibson-umm……What’s that? A giant black hole?

Everyone: What?


Eric: Damn, anyway, I wonder how Omega team is doing.

Narrator: Back in time to the year 32

Emperor Tiberius-So you are here to tell me, you are from the future and that a rebellion you were once controlling overthrew you with the help of others like you from the future and put this Jesus with 2 of his apostle, Judas and John, as their leaders?

Terrorist 2: Yes, Emperor Tiberius.

Emperor Tiberius- I should have your head on a platter for creating such a strong and rebellious a group in the Jewish region, but the weapons you have brought are said to be able to counter the weapons they have?

Terrorist 3: Yes, the people of that group have the same weapons as us, but we are more experienced than they are. We will able to train your roman soldiers with our weapons and

Emperor Tiberius- Training roman soldiers will take too long. I’ve learned from being a general that rebellions must be crushed swiftly and immediately. I must call all the legions of the Roman Empire to Rome, and we shall go on ships on the biggest fleet the world has ever seen.

Terrorist 2: But Their weapons will surely defeat your army

Emperor Tiberius- Silence! We shall send a decree to Pontius Pilate to proclaim that any citizen encompassed in the Roman and takes up arms, shall be beheaded without mercy. We shall burn down the walls of the temple of Solomon, and never have any problem from that area again.

Roman soldier 1: Emperor Tiberius, we have word of a massive and complete rebellion of the Jewish region

Emperor Tiberius-What do you mean complete?

Roman soldier 1-Pontius Pilate and the roman legions station there have joined sides with the rebellion there.

Emperor Tiberius(yelling)- ( 3 quick short breath and suck in sir to yell) Call all the Legions to Rome, There is WAR!

Narrator- In Greece, at the same time.

Nate: How much longer do you think till we reach Rome?

Sara: Probably in about a few more months. The mountainous regions of Greece is very monotonous to cross through.

Josi-Do you think they suspect we are moving an entire army through the Roman Empire on both sides of the Mediterranean, defeating any roman force we see?

Adrian-I don’t believe so. By now, they should have just gotten word of Pontius Pilate joining our ranks.

Seth- If it worked, then they should believe we are still in Jerusalem, waiting for them.

Dolph Lundgren: You should have let them come, I would have picked them up and said one my great memorable lines like I must break your or It’s Jesus time!

Jesus- You called.

Johnny- Whoa, hey people are still gonna get a kick to hear you’re black.

Seth-We know, you said every single time Jesus walks in, what ever. Where’s Judas and John.

Jesus: They are planning the best way to invade Rome. How much longer till we reach Rome.

Sara: About a few months. You seem eager to get there.

Jesus: I just want this to over with.

John-Don’t worry Jesus, it will.

Narrator: A few months later, back in Rome.

Emperor Tiberius- Where is the rest of the army? They have all should have arrived by now.

Roman soldier 1: We don’t know, we haven’t received any knew legions in the last few weeks.

(running footsteps)

Roman soldier 2(yelling): another army Approaches.

Terrorist 2: finally another legion. We need to get to Jerusalem and soon.

Emperor Tiberius- Where is it from? What flag does it bear?

Roman soldier 2: The flag of Jerusalem.

Emperor Tiberius: But the legions of Jerusalem have gone to the side of the rebels. Why would they still come?

Terrorist 3: Because it is the rebel army. 2 come here are look. What do you see in the far left of the outside of Rome?

Terrorist 2: Tanks? Tanks!! They have come this far to sack Rome? But why?

Terrorist 3: Judas wanted to divide Jerusalem from the Roman Empire, but he always talked of taking Rome itself. Jesus must have accepted his plan, to finally feed Judas’s thirst, and to have Jesus rule.

(running steps)

Roman soldier 3: (out of breath) Emperor, the rebel army… the have arrived. The legion from Gaul was defeated and was easily overridden. They shall be in the walls of Rome soon.

Emperor Tiberius- Get those weapons of yours out now.

Terrorist 3: They are ineffective against such a large and trained army.

Emperor Tiberius- You mean to say Rome shall fall?

Terrorist 2: Yes. It will

Narrator: A few hours later…

Roman Soldier 2: they are out side the door. Barricade this door immediately


John-Lay down your Arms Right now!!

Judas- Where is the Emperor? You get over here right now. I said Now!

Jesus-Judas, what are you doing?

Judas-Beheading the emperor, what do you believe I am doing?

Jesus- But why? There is no need to kill him.

Judas: To bad

Everyone: Ewwwww!

Judas: Take your throne. Rule the kingdom of earth and heaven.

(Magic school bus sound)

Josi-Hey, its Alpha Team

Dr. Boles- Wow, I see you had fun here, did you get the terrorists?

Adrian- Yep they’re right here.

Terrorist 2 and 3 grunts

Dr. Boles- Great, we got ours as well. Hurry, up blow up your bus and get in.

Johnny- Wait…how do we blow up the bus, we left it back in Jerusalem

Dr. Boles- Don’t worry, I blow it from here, aaaaaand its gone. Okay in the bus.

Everyone: Okay.

(Magic school bus sound)

Dr. Boles- great we’re back.

Adrian- wait, didn’t we just change history by having Jesus emperor.

Lily- yeah and having General Nathaniel Greene take over Yorktown 2 year earlier be a bad thing?

(Silence for 5 secs)

Everyone- Nah!!!.

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