Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thoughts on the show of september 5

It went a little rough in the beginning when we were not on "air" because of technical difficulties. The golf skit was well written but nobody, including me, was very enthused or energetic making the skit very dull. To start off a show we need to be energetic and exciting to keep our listeners wanting more! I thought the scripts were great especially Carolina's detective one. The music gives a great touch to it. JJ is perfect for the part and nailed it! We should add some more music to the background of the scripts. We definantly need to get some digital sound effects. The "POP POP POP" sound for a gun just isn't cutting it. Practicing thirty minutes before the show is not enough to get a feel for the character being played. Everyone involved in the script needs to get together and practice, so the tone of the character is fit for the part, and no one will stumble on their words. I am going to try and get some buddies in for some live music next week. They both play the acustic guitar, and play it well. Maybe Nate can collaborate with them?! Overall it was a crankey good show!

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