Friday, September 29, 2006

Jackass Number Two Review

Jackass Number Two

Chim Richalds – Serious (Walker)
Dutch Litford – are you kidding? (Johnny)

Chim: Good evening Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the movie corner in the corner of the radio station! Im Chim Richalds here with my fellow movie reviewer Dutch Litford…

Dutch: Hey…hey guys!

Chim: We have got a fabulous movie for you tonight….it is an inspirational film that will have you on your feet clapping uncontrollably. This film moves you to tears of joy and sadness. It is a movie rich with romance and unforgettable friendships. It is a story of….

Dutch: Are you freakin’ serious your talking about Jackass. This is the movie were they jump in a pit of balls to wrestle with two ginormous pythons. Or were they siphon a beer into one of their anus…that was so romantic. Although, I have to say that I was a bit teary eyed…from laughing hysterically when one of them stuck a leech to his eye.

Chim: Ahh hah… but you have forgotten about the tight friendships on display. The way the characters interact with each other really shows that they are not only a cast, but a team and a family. It is truly a glorious thing.

Dutch: O yeah… I call branding your friend on the butt with a large steel penis as a great showing of companionship.

Chim: It certainly was. It was a symbol of friendship. A reminder of their relationship every time he sees it…what a great way to express themselves.

Dutch: You’re a crazy person! That is a disgraceful act that I would never perform to any of my friends even if they gave me the keys to their brand new mustang GT. It is extremely painful and no human being should ever want to go through that.

Chim: Well if you are looking for an awe inspiring performance then Jackass Number Two is the movie to see. It is an Oscar winning performance on all levels. I give this movie 3 thumbs up and nothing less.

Dutch: And my co- host is an idiot…if you’re looking for a movie to laugh till your stomach hurts and then the next scene is so repulsive you puke up all the popcorn and soda pop you paid 17 dollars and 33 cents for… then that’s the movie for you.

Chim: Well it has been a wonderful night at the movie corner I would like to thank all the people that made it possible for Dutch and I to review such a phenomenal film. Good riddance.

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