Thursday, September 14, 2006

The dog show

This is the beginning of our script. Comments would be greatly appreciated
thanks JJ, Amanda, johnny

Dog show

Katherine: Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Katherine Mcpherson here with my co-host Thomas Burton and welcome to the 131th Westminster Kennel Club Annual All Breed Dog show. The competition is fierce and I believe that it is the best we have had in years.

Thomas: That’s right Katherine these dogs are gorgeous, but there are some big bitches here tonight.

Katherine: Yes… and that is not funny.

Thomas: Bloody hell it is!

Katherine: Well anyways, this year there is a wide variety of different breeds being represented at today’s shows. The breeds range from a large Greater swiss mountain dog to a small west highland white terrier. Last years best in show for 2006 was a bull terrier named Rufus, and it was truly a magical performance. I expect nothing but excellence, as the dogs competing this year are in rare form!

Thomas: Look at the willy on that dog...ladies and gentleman that’s our winner.

Katherine: That is revolting and that is not a category… but I cannot deny that he is well qualified in that aspect. I wish my husband was as hung as him….but (clears throat) …yes a very splendid dog indeed.

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