Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday night

Melanie; Wow this place is more empty than a Backstreet Boy revival Concert. So many seats, so many computers so many to chose from. That’s good no one’s here, I need the peace and quiet, that’s why I came to the library’s computer room. I’ve got this big paper do tomorrow and I need to start. That paper is the start of my new life. The start of a new beginning. The end of an era. Okay I guess I should get started. So I’m going to pick a seat and just start typing. This one this one seems good. It’s right by the door next to the bathroom, just in case I want to go to the bathroom and I have to go real bad. I can just get up and go. So can everyone else and all I’ll hear is flush, flush, flush, flush. Their goes my grade right down the toilet. Not literally, but metaphorically. Nope, Nope this seat doesn’t work. I know, I’ll sit on the opposite side of the bathroom. Here, right here, this is perfect. I don’t have to worry about being to close to the bathroom. But, what if I’ve got to finish the most important sentence of the most import essay of my life, before I loose my train of thought and I have to use the bathroom. So, I get up and then I come back and can’t remember anything. I flunk high school and Billy the Boy I’m obsessed with, will never ask me to prom. So instead, I wait until I can finish this sentence that turns into a paragraph. So I just keep holding it. Then I really got to go but know I can’t I can’t lose that train of thought. So I keep typing and holding and typing and holding it and typing and holding. Then I can’t hold it any longer so I race to the bathroom. I’ve held it so long I can’t go. So I won’t drink anything until I can. If I can’t go how long can I not go for, a day, a month? I’ll die from either dehydration. Or worse I’ll explode and it will be in the class with Fredrick the man of my dreams, and then he’ll never ask me to marry him. My life will be over metaphorically and literally all because I chose to sit and do my paper in this chair. Nope, nope, nope, not going to work. I know, right there, there is perfect. Ah, I am perfectly fine sitting right here. Yup, yup, yup here is where I want to be. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Oh, and look a window seat. Oh look there’s a beautiful bird. Hello, birdie. Oh the mama bird is teaching the baby birds how to fly. Oh fly little birdies oh they’re so cute. Oh there goes the mama up, up, up she goes. Ah, so beautiful. There goes the first bird down, down and up, up it goes boy oh boy is it a beauty. Awe, and there it goes flying right back to the nest. Now it’s the littlest ones try. Oh, up, down , up ,down, up, up, up, up, and then down again down and down it keeps going down oh no bird down, bird down, save him mama bird go, go now, he’s going to hit the ground save him mama bird save him no no no no no. Mama birds racing to catch him, mama bird catch him. I can’t look I can’t look. I can’t look away I can’t look away. She’s got him. Thank you Jesus. (pause) Whew, what a relief. There the baby goes safely back in the nest. What are you doing mama bird? Are you going to try again? There she goes starts flying again. I think this is a bad idea mama bird that was more of rollercoaster than Islands of adventure the incredible hulk. HAWK, HAWK, WATCH OUT MAMA BIRD THERE’S A HAWK HEADING RIGHT. Oh, wow. I’m definitely not sitting at the window anymore. Yeah, that was definitely a bad idea. No, no, Here it is, this is the perfect seat. Not to close not to far. This is it. Wait let me sit. Yes, this is perfect, perfect, perfect. Yeah let’s start typing. Wait a minute, who am I talking to? There’s no one in hear. I’m all alone. I don’t think I’ve ever been alone. I can’t do this I got to find somebody to sit here with me. Someone who will talk too loud, or talk at all, type to loud. Right now I just need to here somebody else breathing. I can’t breathe. I got to get out of here I’ve got to find somebody now.

Josh; Huh, it’s empty. That’s strange I could have sworn I heard, never mind. Cool this one’s already on. The American Revolution and what it meant to me.

Melanie; What are you doing?

Josh; typing an essay.

Melanie; yes typing an essay on my computer. That is my seat. That is my key board and those are my keys.

Josh; I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s thirty different computers in here.

Melanie; that’s right there are thirty different computers in here. Different. Each one having there own feel there own vibe. This computer is my vibe.

Josh; Is this your lucky computer. The one you type all your essays on and gives you a guaranteed A. I can completely understand that. I have this lucky sock I bring with me to every the basketball games, and the only time we’ve ever lost was when I didn’t have my lucky sock with me. Coincidence, I think not.

Melanie; Crazy, I think so.

Josh; Fine, find another computer then.

Melanie; Let me level with you, what’s your name?

Josh; Josh

Melanie; Josh, may I call you Joshua?

Josh; No, you can call me Josh.

Melanie; Now Joshua

Josh; Josh.

Melanie; Right, Joshua, I need this seat, these keys this computer. If I don’t have this seat Joshua I will have to watch a poor innocent bird grow up without a mother, which will distract me from writing this paper. Or I’ll die from dehydration or just one day explode. Then I’ll never marry Fredrick or go to the prom with Billy. So I’m going to be as blunt as I can, MOVE.

Josh; I’m out of here. Word of advice, there’s free help at this school, I recommend you go until you can no longer afford it.
Melanie; That doesn’t even make any since. (shouts) Hey that doesn’t make any sense! Oh computer once dragged from me and we’re reunited once again.(I’m alone again) I’m alone again. No, no, Joshua comes back.

Gary; Uh the computer rooms empty, well isn’t that lucky. The American Revolution and what it meant to me. I guess somebody’s work on this computer. Oh the one right in front of it is on. Well I’ll just get started. Supply and Demand, just a theory, or a way of life?

Melanie; There’s no one in this freakin library where is, Hi.

Gary; Hey

Melanie; Your breathing.

Gary; Yeah.

Melanie; That’s great. I’m Melanie what’s your name.

Gary; Gary.

Melanie; That’s cool. Gary it just rolls off the tongue, Gary. Ha, I like it.

Gary; Me to.

Melanie; So um gare can I call you gare? I like giving my friends nickname like Michael, I call him mike or Thomas I call him tom. You know, stuff like that. You know I’m cool, cool people give nick names, I.e. me. Josh I call him Joshua, Sam I call him Sammy. Generally nick names are shorter but, when your cool it doesn’t matter you know what I mean gare.

Gary; Listen Melanie, you seem like a nice girl but I really got to finish this paper.

Melanie; Oh no problem; I got yah. I ask you to be friend and you abandon me that’s fine.

Gary; I’m not aban, what.

Melanie; (laughs) It was a little jokie, joke. First joke among friends. That, that right there is history. You should write that down, or since you’re at a computer type that down. Hah, hah, and the jokes just keep coming with a friend like me.

Gary; Melanie.

Melanie; Call me Mel.

Gary; Mel
Melanie; Call me anytime?

Gary; What?

Melanie; Another joke. See what I mean nothing but good times in store for us.

Gary; Melanie

Melanie; Mel

Gary; Mel um I really got to work on this paper it’s really important to me. So I don’t fail and

Melanie; I get it, and you know what’s important to me

Gary; What?

Melanie; You are.

Gary; Okay.

Melanie; So write your paper we have plenty of time to talk afterwards, don’t worry
about it. Okay, gare

Gary; Okay.

Melanie; What kind of paper is it?

Gary; Economics.

Melanie; Oh that’s cool. I was going to take that class but I chose dance instead. It was right after lunch. Word of advice don’t eat a burrito and then attempt a purée.

Gary; Melanie

Melanie; Hey those are words to live by.

Gary Listen I ‘m trying real hard to be nice but you’re making it incredibly difficult. Now turn around and leave me alone.

Melanie; I’m sorry. Are we still friends?

Gary; Sure we’re still friends.

Melanie; Then we could hang out.

Gary; Sure why not.

Melanie; You swear Gare

Gary; Yes, as long as you let me finish this paper.

Melanie; Okay mums the word.

Gary; Okay

Melanie; You won’t here a peep out of me.

Gary; OKAY.

Melanie; What’s that you here uh, not me.

Gary; Melanie.

Melanie; Sorry.


MELONY; So where do you want to hang out?

GARY ; Bye Melanie it was… bye Melanie.

Melanie; There goes my future ex-husband. Wow got of love that man. What the hell am I doing here? Oh, I’ll just open up my planner, let’s see, Wednesday. Oh here we go. That’s right. My favorite color is pink, because it is pretty. Whew, that was a toughie. This is definitely an A paper.

sorry I didn't get to this earlier with some feedback--which is more directed toward performance at this late date

some things to think about--monologue is difficult, as you know, having done it at the talent show, but at least on stage you have your hands, your body, your face to help convey what you are trying to say--on the radio you have your voice and you have a long monologue to start the whole thing off. You really need to make sure that you nail it and keep the audience interested in the character. How will you do this? Via voice, obviously, but how else? What it work to have some kind of music playing underneath the monologue? Do you have something that would work for you and the monologue? Give it the right sense of mood?

In addition, like with Payback there is a great deal of give and take and exchange between the two characters. You need to make sure that your actors have gone over the piece a great deal before Tuesday so they are on top of the game and their lines.

Finally, like with JJ in the detective piece the piece you have written is going to rely on the female doing it. A lot of pressure to really bring her to life. So keep the focus and attention and energy up while performing her.

I think it can work quite well.
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