Monday, August 28, 2006

True story skit

These are all true stories, and are hilarious. just typed it up but think it has potential because i can garuntee that Bows will produce more stories for shows to come. enjoy Johnny

The Story of Bad News Bows!

RA 1: Grahm, Grahm, Grahm wake up!

GRahm: its four thirty in the morning get outta here im trying to sleep!

RA2: Grahm do you no were your roommate is?

Grahm: He’s in his Bed… uhhh ohhh has bad news bows struck again? Well do you know were he is?

RA1: We cant tell you…you are just going to have to see for yourself.

RA2: Follow us

Grahm: (sigh) Alright

RA2: Look at him.

RA1: That’s him rapped up in a blanket with a backpack asleep on my couch.

Grahm: How in the world did he sleep walk down two flights of stairs

RA1: Good question! Some how he also perfectly timed getting into my room when I left my door unlocked while I was taking a shower.

Grahm: Alright time to get the bad news out of your place….. Bows get up time to go back to the room

Bows: ughhhh (sound when someone is trying to wake you up)

Grahm: Well goodnight…and Sorry about this little inconvenience I hope it never happens again.

RA1: It better not!

RA2: you sure got your hands full with bad news bows… good luck!

Grahm: Hi Im Grahm and this a true story of my roommate Bows who likes to stay active when he thinks he’s sleeping. The stories don’t stop flowing just like the time I awoke at four thirty in the morning to find Bows with one hand on my leg and the other holding male genatalia while he unrinates on my dresser, and the accoutrements that lay on top. Or how about the time were he decided to walk down the stairs but completely missed the step and face planted into the ground. So join us next week to see what bad News Bows has gotten himself into.

this could work, although i think the closing announcement would work better at the beginning to give us a better sense of what is going on with skit. To drop it on us at first as it is is a bit confusing, but I think it could be funny.
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