Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto Sketch

Please note that I have already cast the piece. Make sure you print out a copy from the R: drive file.

Tropical Storm Ernesto Update 1
DJ Josi
I.C. John L.

DJ: And now as Tropical Storm Ernesto continues its collision course with Central Florida, we take you live with our Darkness Visible Radio Weather Reporter I.C. Rain, who is standing by live. I.C., can you hear me?

I.C. Yes, yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me?

DJ: Perfectly fine.

I.C. Good, good, because the wind here is really whipping around me like mad.

DJ: It is?

I.C. Oh yeah, Can’t you hear it whistling through the microphone?

DJ: Um, well, no, not really.

I.C. Wait, wait a minute, let me just remove this special weather shield that I built specially for these remote broadcasts. (Under breath) Just need to kind of move this thing here and then release this catch here and wait, oh, what’s this? (surprise) Where did this come from?

DJ: In case you are just joining us our own special weather correspondent I.C. Rain is out on Mills Lawn giving us the latest up to date scoop on how Tropical Storm Ernesto is battering the Rollins College campus, which is also known as the #1 school in the south. I.C. have you fixed your microphone yet?

I.C. Oh, yeah, yeah got it now. You should be able to hear the wind.
(Sound of wind, but not that great, just a bit)

DJ: It doesn’t sound that horrible.

I.C. I didn’t say it was horrible. I mean jeez what do you expect. The storm isn’t even anywhere close to us yet. You sent me out here in an ugly grey rain slicker to stand here while all these attractive co-eds are walking around and they are pointing and laughing and pointing some more. I haven’t felt this insecure since junior high when the varsity basketball team caught me changing at my gym locker and took me outside and tied me to the hood of the principal’s car. Oh, all the pointing and laughing there was just as bad.

DJ: I think we are getting a bit off track I.C.

I.C. That’s easy for you to say. Here I am standing outside while everyone else at Darkness Visible is huddled comfortably inside drinking cocoa and sitting around the fireplace, sharing stories of summer camp and glistening sunsets. Me, me, you send outside. Out into the heart of a (hah!) raging tropical storm.
(Sound of barely perceptible wind again.)

DJ: Um, ok. Uh, can somebody go outside and bring in I.C?

I.C. (hysterical) It’s just like when I went to the senior mixer in high school. Everyone from the school was there, laughing, having fun, telling stories about the visits to different college campuses that they had made, and when it came my turn to tell a story, I tried to tell about my visit to Saskatchawan University and my run in with a moose, a caribou and a grizzly bear, but no one would let me finish the story, see, I was there up in Canada and I was walking around on campus (Sound of the wind again). You can stop making the wind noises now JJ. It’s OK.

JJ: Oh, ok. No problem, I.C. Just let me know when you want me to do it again. It was alright then?

IC: You were great. Just great.

JJ: Thanks, I’ve never done wind before. I once did a car sound. You want to hear it?

IC: Not really, I am trying to tell—

JJ: It goes like this (sound of a car starting up and then pulling out of the driveway real fast.) I’m pretty proud of it.

IC: That’s great JJ, now look I want to finish my story about the moose, caribou and grizzly bear.

JJ: I have been working on a hot air balloon too. (Makes a noise) That’s the fire heating up the air that goes into the balloon.
(Makes another noise.) That’s the ballast being released and falling to the ground and then hitting someone in the head.

DJ: Um, we seem to have lost focus here on our weather report about Tropical Storm Ernesto. Once we get I.C. Rain back under control and his producer JJ back in from the torrential rain storm outside.

I.C. It’s not even raining yet. Stop lying to the people.

DJ: Anyway, we will have more information about Tropical Storm Ernesto in the next hour of our show. Now back to the music.

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