Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tropical STorm Erensto Take Two

HEre is a second piece on Ernesto to be aired in the second hour.

Again cast list is included.

Tropical Storm Ernesto Take Two

DJ: Josi
Misty: Lily
Pool Manger: Walker

DJ: Hi, time once again to check on the path of Tropical Storm Ernesto as it barrels its way down upon the small, liberal arts college campus of Rollins College. We currently have sent our intrepid education reporter Misty Canyon to the Olin Library in order to find out from students just how they are doing psychologically with the impending doom of Ernesto just a few hours away. Misty, can you you hear me?

Misty: Yes, yes, I can hear you and I am coming to you live from a library which finds itself sitting at ground zero for this hellacious storm that will leap upon this tiny uprepared college faster than a falcon eyeing a little baby rabbit that was left behind by its selfish mother who is only interested in getting more grass for herself and less for her children. It’s that kind of peril that we are looking at here as I glance over at these huddling masses of fearful students.

DJ: Quite descriptive Misty.

Misty: Thanks. I was a poetry major at the Petey White Technical College in Humdrop, Iowa before I had to drop out on account of my sick mother, my sister breaking her only leg, and the plague of locusts that descended down upon the family farm faster than a lioness killing a lone, lost, ADD antelope on the vast African savannah.

DJ: That may have been a bit too much information for us there Misty.

Misty: I just call it as I see it.

DJ: That’s why we all love you here at Darkness Visible Radio.

Misty: (A bit excited) Love? You love me.

DJ: Well, we all do Misty. You have done such great things for us here at WPRK.

Misty: But you, do, do, you love me?

DJ: Misty, I am not really sure where you are going with this. You have a story to report about the terror stricken students at Rollins College who are fearing for their young lives.

Misty: Exactly right. And yes, I have been speaking to these students and they are precisely that: students. And they are afraid. Petrified. Some of them are standing completely still in the library, unable to move as they watch the continuing pictures of the projected path of the storm, unable to believe that in a few scant hours winds topping 35 miles an hour could be making their way through campus and rain totals of 2 inches making their way into the college swimming pool. I talked to the manager of the school pool who told me that he was worried about those extra inches of water added to an already full pool.

Pool Manager: (slow and deliberate) See, I already got a full pool of water here. The kids demand it. Wouldn’t make sense if the pool was half empty or quarter empty. They want the pool to be full. And I want to make them happy. But see if it rains, like it is supposed to, then the pool will be overfull and that can’t be good, can’t be good at all. Especially for our students. You can’t swim in an overfull pool.

Misty: (Breathless) What will you do if this happens? Say we get three inches of rain? Won’t that be horrible?

Pool Manager: Well, it sure can be, but I will just have to go out there, put on my gloves and turn on the drain for a few minutes to get it down from overfull to full.

Misty: Thanks for being so candid with us. I know this possibility terrifies you. So as you can hear, the impending storm’s effect goes far beyond just the mere psychological level of the students. It also will have an impact on the delicate infrastructure of Rollins College.

DJ: Thanks Misty for capturing the true essence of what is happening tonight on the Rollins College campus.

Misty: No problem, no problem at all. After all, it is my job. But, can we go back to that love thing? Who loves me?

DJ: Come back in to the station Misty and we can talk about it over a latte and a biscotti. And now back to the music.

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