Thursday, August 31, 2006

Short Iraq script


Soldier 1: How many?

Soldier 2: 24

Solder 1: In the country, I meant

Soldier 2: 52, at least.

Soldier 1: (sigh) You, know why?

Soldier 2: We signed up for this. We knew what could happen.

Soldier 1: (bit anger/annoyed)(two quick short breaths)I signed up to go to college. I mean, I didn’t think I would end up here, huddled in a bunker, just waiting for those damn bombs to drop over us.

Soldier 2: About half of us thought the same way, You know that. I would have gotten my degree by now. But that’s the trade off. They get us an education, We go to wherever they need…(interrupted)

Soldier 1: Damn, You know that’s crap. All this death, and the cries of suffering, over what? U.S Security? So over 100,000 of innocent people have died, for someone back home can go shoot up heroine into their arm, and rot away slowly.

Soldier 2: Hey! If we weren’t here, how many of innocent American would be dead now? Just shut your mouth before I do it for you.


Soldier 2: Sorry. If dad ever heard me say that to you, we would have slapped me over the head, huh.

Soldier 1: Yeah he would have. (slight pause) I wish we could be home now.

Soldier 2: It wouldn’t be the same without dad.

Soldier 1: 6 months has it been. Right?

Soldier 2: yeah. If he didn’t(pause) pass, it still wouldn’t be the same.

Soldier 1: This war has changed us.

Soldier 2: This war has changed everything. Nothing can ever be the same.

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