Sunday, August 27, 2006



G:Did your best friend take your boyfriend

S:Did your sister kick you out of your bed pee in it. Then put you back in the bed wake up your parents and let them find you slushing around in it from the ages 3-5.

G: Does your roommate steel your clothes stain them and put them back in your closet.

S: Are you to much of a punk

G: or Pussy

S; To do anything about it

G; Hear at payback central we sympothise with the mistreated

S; And feel that it is our obligation to set things right for the nation

G; For karma

S; For the little guy

G; For a small fee of 24.95 You can right the wrong

S; You can have live crabs set free in their pants

G; You can have them chased out of their jobs known as polly pissy pants every day.

S; You can have them set on fire

G; You can give them diabetes

S; You can have wild dogs

G; Chicken

S; Sheep

G; Or snakes let lose in there room while they’re sleeping

S; You can all but kill them

G; And the payback center does not discriminate, Oh no.

S; Has grandma been putting to much sugar in your oatmeal

G; Did papa instead of giving you the (CAR) as a birthday gift give you a momentum that meant didly to you but the world to him so he started to cry and in front of all of your friends at the most wicked party and you just happened to invite the entire school including lazy eye sally and my hands always in my back pocket willis and your completely embarrased because fathers aren’t suppose to cry and if the dad cries then you must cry all the time. And the no girls will date you unless there a two and that’s on good day. Then you finally convince a seven after months of begging and groveling to go out with you and you can’t drive her around in that amazing car that all your other friends have but no you can show her that oh so special antique dish your dad found when he was diving some u-boat or something. Then you think to yourself if it meant so much to him why the hell didn’t he keep it AND GIVE YOU THE CAR.


S;Charlie, did they ever find your dad


G; No

S; uh, we’re, uh,we’re going to have to talk

G; Coincidence I swear hah, hah, hah. Did your ex-girlfriend dump you the day before prom

S; Did your sister throw up on your prom dress.

G; Did your three year old cousin give you the finger, twice.

S; Did your teacher give you a B- when you deserved a B+

G; A+

S; Well then

G; Email us

S; Call up

G; Call in

S; Drop by

G; Drop in

S; We’re just a hop and a skip away

G; At the tip of the fingers

S; The tip of the tongue

G; Don’t delay

S; Make them pay

G; We know that if we mix a little bit of our imagination

S; Your imagination

G; Let it brew

S; And sprinkle it with anger

G; We can make some magic

S; Don’t worry this is strictly confidential

G; So If your feeling bad

S; don’t.

G; Because, remember

TOGETHER; They screwed you over first.

this is good, although we can't say pussy (even though Dan said you could, I think we should stay away) You could say wuss instead.

I like the idea of the rapid pace of it, that will make it work well as long as the actors are on top of it
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