Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The next step

So, you did your first show. And you did a better job than you expected (and I expected).

Now, it is time for you to weigh in with your opinion of how it went.

Somethings to respond to:

1. How were you feeling before the show started?
2. How were you feeling after it was over?
3. What were the strongest parts of the show?
4. What were the weakest parts of the show?
5. What worked the best?
6. What didn't work and how do we fix it?
7. How did the scripts go? What did you learn about writing and performing scripts?
8. Plus, what will you do next week?

So these are things to respond to and contemplate in the blog. Remember: at the end of the semester you have to write a paper on your experience with the radio show. Your blog postings and responses to other people's comments will be the written record of your experience.

Finally, make sure you place your scripts from last night in the Darkness Visible folder on the R: drive, so that I can begin to transfer them over to the web page. If you can, when you put the word document in the folder, save it as an .html file.

A great start last night. I had a great time working with you and you all have great promise of producing some fantastic episodes in the future. Now, we need to see if you can surpass what you did last night.

Don't forget about scripts for Friday. Please post them here as well and brainstorm ideas on the blog for the show.

See you on Friday.


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