Monday, October 02, 2006

Trouble with roomates

ok so this is a real situation that i encountered here at rollins, i just changed the names...if you have any problems you can add in there, or think the whole stoner thing is too risky, just let me know. um if this is posted too late for this weeks show- lets just do it next week...

sophie- josi
meg-carolina ( or really anyone- she jsut has that mellow voice i was looking for)
Annie- amanda...or if there is a girl who needs more doesnt matter

Sophie: Hey guys, whats up?

(Meg and Annie laugh)

Sophie: what so funny?

Meg: sit down we need to tell you something...

Sophie: no sketchball, just what are you talking about?

Annie: no sophie, just listen.

Sophie: Annie are those my raisins?

(annie laughs)

S: what the hell? i told you not to eat those!

M: we have a confession...

S: what else did you do?

M and A: we ae all your easy mac.

S: are you kidding me? screw you guys...wait... wheres any of my food i just bought!?

M: Stuff you cant find is always in the last place you look...

S: well obviously sherlock- why the hell would you keep looking for something after you already found it?

M: we were realllly hungry...and the...clowns told us to do it.

S: what? why didnt you just call and ask?

A: we did call, but you didnt answer

S: what time did you call?

M: sometime between 4:19 and 4:21

S: so like 4:20?

M: ha! you said 420.

S: UGH! freakin' stoners! why couldnt you just steal pat's food?

A: nooo way. he has an obsession that involves him saying "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" everytime he turns on the light and it freaks me i couldnt go in there.

M: can i ask you a question?

S: well you gave me no choice with that one sunshine...

M: what time is it?

S: did you honestly just do that? why do you insist on pointing to your wrist everytime you ask what time it is? i know where my freakin watch is...thanks...but do i point to my crotch when i have to pee and wanna know where the bathroom is...its 6:15

A: haha...pee...

M: i have to peeeeee!

S: and whats stopping you?

M: well someone installed the toilet paper roll so that the tissue unwraps from the underside of the roll...creepy...

S: Youre ridiculous. and i dont believe you really even called.

A: well no...but thats because i was afraid if i called you and i was on speakerphone...everyone would hear me.

S: Annie you paranoid psycho! i dont have speakerphone! Jesus guys- you owe me food big time.

A: aww cant it just be my b-day present.

S: whens your bday?

A: october 6th...

S: o really so soon? i didnt know that...what year?

A: happens every year!

S: no...i meant...ugh just forget it.

M: sophie are you going to that white party?

S: um yeah, but we arent suposed to refer to it as that anymore...its a little politically incorrect using the term "white" party...

M: oh yeah...omg im sorry i totally forgot. no white after labor day.

S: yeah...because thats what i meant and all...but for real, yall need to get out. i have to study.

A: but where will we go?

S: um i dont knwo...andy's room?

M: theres too much porn all over the walls in that room.

S: ok so go to anyone else's room!

A: why cant we jsut stay here!

S: because all you do is laugh at absolutely nothing, and all the effort of laughing makes your hungry... and then you eat, MY FOOD, and do it quite loudly too. i swear i can hear you munching with my headphones on...and you get super paranoid and start whispering, and whispering makes you laugh and the cycle starts over!

A: im sorry i stole your food though!

S: its ok i stole your cigarettes and your boyfriend.

M: (singing happily) i love foood...

A: stole my cigs??

S: meg i know you love food.

M: lets watch anchorman.

A: seriously, did you sophie?

S: we just watched that movie!

A: because i had a full pack you know...

M: can we watch fear and loathing?

A: where are my cigarettes!

S: we can watch it i guess but i have to study first.

A: no one is listening to me!

M: movie! movie! movie!

S: well i guess i will just let you watch it now meg, and i will go to the library...gee thanks for understanding guys-

M: bye sophie!

A: what the hell!?....SOPHIE!

S: bye meg, annie shut the hell suck at life and you probably bought your pathetic personality of yours on ebay for some ridiculously high price because you are that lame and that rich. bye.

M: woah man. i cant believe she just left you like that.

A: so did dhe steal my cigarettes or what?


this is a good script. i like it because, as you said, it is realistic. i think Darkness Visible should do it tonight, and see how it goes!
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