Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scripts for Tonight

This isn't the line up.. just a list of what we have in so far...Oh, and don't mind the asterisks.. those are for me to know which ones I'm in = )

All right.. remember.. you need to upload these scripts into the R-Drive! If you don't, your grade will most likely be lowered for not following directions, and we don't want that happening! Go through the blog and check all the cast lists so you know which scripts you're in.. and if you're in one.. print it! Don't expect the writer to have a copy for you.

And Carolina, you're going to have to help me with those Spears songs haha, because I only know I'm a Slave and Oops, I Did it Again.. but.. excited to sing nonetheless! : )

Okey dokey.. I'll have copies of tonight's line up at the show today! Get excited, get pumped, get energized! See y'all later tonight~

Peer Mentor Love <3

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