Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why isnt this showing up on the actual blog?

Well done kids, i'm proud of are some things that i'm seeing and mabye things to work on.
-Read with excitment
Sometimes it seems like people are reading the scripts for the first time or dont know a lot about thier characters. Read the script before you come (Heck, mabye read over it a few times) and understand your character and the decisions he would make. This makes reading easier when you know the motivation behind what your saying...That being said...
-Punch your words
We all read too fast all the time because we are all afriad of being at the mic. You need to SLOW DOWN and ANNUNCIATE. If you can punch each word, say it with meaning and subtext, the peice will read better. Remember, we arent reading from peices of paper, we are speaking to thousands who are trying to use thier brians to imagine what we are saying.
-Don't be afriad to look/sound/feel stupid
You are in a class where you all live and learn together. When you don't give a script 100% its going to sound like to one cares and is going to suffer. Put yourself out on a limb, do an accent that youve never tried before but COMMIT to it. If you are making a poor effort, the character is not consistant or memorable. The characters i remember the most are the ones who are the most vibrant.
It's not hard to look over your papers, get a classmate to edit or heck, even take a script to TJ's. There is nothing worse than scanning something you asre about to read and then stumbling through typo's. We already will have enough awkward pauses without it so look over the scripts. In addition, if you give a script a second look after putting it down, its easier to see weaknesses and missed jokes or whatnot in the script.

I'm proud you you all and while i am impressed with your work thus far, I am confident that you can do much better in future shows.

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