Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thoughts on the Show = D

I really liked that it was dedicated to Steve Irwin. So yay.

I think something that would help immensely is having the scripts in on Friday. Granted, that is actually when you are supposed to have them in anyway. This gives everyone a chance to hear the script read aloud, offer suggestions, yada yada. The general consensus was that the Detective script was the best. Why? Because it was available for everyone to see Friday, we go to read it aloud in class, people knew their parts, they ahd their scripts before Tuesday to practice on, and so forth. So if we could get more scripts in on Friday, that would be smashing. = ) And you all have great ideas for scripts. It's just a matter of following through with those ideas.

Also, I noticed there's a bit of a problem with listening to each other. Sometimes y'all get caught up in mini side conversations while someone's trying to rally their people for a script, and only half the cast hears the person.. another fraction is in the DJ booth.. and still another fraction is just chillin'. If someone steps up to the plate and tries to direct people so that the show can be more orderly, please do be respectful and hear each other out. Respect = Cool. Yay <3

Seth already went over other stuff so I won't repeat. You guys did a better jon of having scripts on Tuesday, so kudos! And it was awesome to see people take on roles in the sound booth, DJ booth, etc. etc. Keep up the good work! Those scripts are great!

Peer Mentor Love,

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