Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thought for the September 19th Show

Ok, so sorry im getting a late start on this, but here are my thoughts on tuesday nights show.

1. It was better than the last weeks show! Which is always an improvement. Because good god was last weeks show bad.

2. We had the best energy that I have seen. We didnt even do a warmup and we still came out with a bunch of energy. I think Rich needs to be cast in more scripts because he gets people excited. He did a great job with the football talk show. We need another segment of that.

3. Eric was an awesome DJ. He was smooth on the air. He talked to the people out there and told them what was playing and what was comming up next, he even covered for our technical difficulties. Good Job Eric.

4. We need to get more organized......again...... We need more scripts, we need them in early, and we need to practice them. I'm going to have one in before the weekend is over so we can go over it on monday. I think everyone should be able to write a script this week. Just ask rich, it doesnt take taht long (football talk was writen in the 30 min before the show).

5. I thought the Dog Show, the Plague, the football talk, were all good. I think we can really start building on this and get a good show going. We covered well for carolina and that was a plus. Seth and lily are histarical and need to be writen in to stuff more often.

Take it easy....

thanks for your comments Walker.

you were the first and only one to comment on the show so far
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