Thursday, September 21, 2006

sept 19 show

this show was much better than the last. It could have been better but we were not that organized. Even tohugh we showed up a half hour ealy, we didn't do much in that extra time to get ready. The mics were up and ready but the opening took up alot of time and took up time to prepare. We did have a good amount of energy this week which is an improvement. The football skit was enjoyable to watch. Seth and Rich together is like a magical conjunction. I think our shows heading in the right direction as peopel are starting to feel more comfortable on the mic. I hope we do not have any more scripts being pulled off short because that looks bad. well cya later

I believe that the show was quite successful hopefully next time we can get our act together... I forsee in the near future we will sound and be professionals at live radio broadcasting
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