Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Eric Cohen
Hypothetical meeting between pres bush and Iranian pres

Pres Bush: Walker
Pres Iran: Nate

Pres Bush: President Ahmanjedad I am the president of the United States of America

Pres Iran: President Bush I think that you are a bitzlamabad and youre policies are shlinkud

Pres bush: Thank you… (asking a secret service agent) found out what that means

Pres Iran: Now I understand you don’t believe in me harboring of terrorists

Pres Bush: Correct.. I see a future for the middle east where isreal takes control because they understand you scratch my back and I scratch your relationship

Pres Iran: that talk is insanity my terrorists are very good political people they support my presidency and donate millions

Pres bush: Well in America we have corporations that donate money under the table so then I can be serious about politics and kill my people

Pres Iran: hmmm… you do not understand the middle east get your wasspyy gutzahhshalab out of our region of the world

Pres Bush: I am the only police force of the world Ill do what I want if you don’t bend over and give it to me

Pres Iran: your just a bully trying to spread catholisism

Pres bush: not true I support Isreal as an independent state

Pres Iran: Only because they donate money to the government

Pres bush: That’s how the cookie crumbles mr. president

Pres Iran: well im going to build my nukes

Pres bush: Ill have to bomb you with my nukes first

Pres Iran: I dare you you big bully

Pres Bush: Its on like donkey kong… get congress together tell them that Iran just sent a nuke at us but, we exploded it… meanwhile I want you to explode a nuke over the ocean and make it seem like it was iran. Got it. Its all about developing fear in the eyes of the people and my rating will go through the roof agai…… hahahahahah



add more middle east talk like, "bitzlamabad" it is hilarious

maybe you can have bush say some stuff like that to mock middle easterns, it is hilarious
eric, i like it.

add more middle eastern language like bitzlamabad.

maybe have bush say some things to the other president... could be really funny.

good stuff eric
it kind of falls a part a bit at the end.

but this is some of the stuff we should be doing, we should go political
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