Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mac vs. P.C. - COMMENT

i will be reporting live again from park ave and fairbanks to ask if people like apple computers or pc computers more. please comment back on what you prefer.


"I like apple computers. First of all, they are much nicer to look at than a pc. Second, the operating system is much more user friendly. i like it so much better. and finally, i can do video chats with my my brother in cali, and my parents in NY at the same time!!!!"

can't wait to see what you guys have to say.


Adrian!!!! I like PC computers better! I totally agree that apples look better but I have always used a pc becasue they work better and faster ( in my experience). I don't really think one i was worse then the other, I think it has to do with what you start using. A pc has never failed me ha, so I stick with them!!
I say I like PCs because they are free, thanks to the wondrful Rollins College. Plus Macs break alot and their custom service ins't that great. Right Adrian? JK.....PC all the way.

Take it easy...
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