Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mac / P.C. script thus far

Cast thus far:


Johnny: Goodevening, I’m Johnny Anderson. Thank you for listening to Darkness Visible Radio, WPRK 91.5 F.M. [Pause] Computers have changed our way of life in the past years. Now, nearly everything we do is based on computer technology. Tonight, Adrian Cohn is on the corner of Fairbanks and Park Avenue to find out what computer is better: Apples or PC’s. Let’s go live to Adrian.

Adrian: Yes, good evening Johnny. My name is Adrian Cohn reporting from Fairbanks and Park Avenue near Rollins College. Recently it has been rumored that people have been discussing the differences, advantages, and disadvantages to having an Apple or a P.C. People seem to be very opinionated and I’m here to see what people think.

I’m here with Lily Valez. Lily, Apple or P.C.?

Lily: I hate Apple computers. They aren’t compatible and I love my P.C.

Adrian: Have you used a new Apple computer recently.

Lily: No, I wouldn’t even think about it.

Adrian: Well they have some pretty amazing features now. For example the computers come with remote controls and your computer can act as a home entertainment system. You can control the volume, what song you are playing, what photos you’d like to look at and what DVD you’d like to watch with the click of only a few buttons.

Lily: That is pretty cool actually.

Adrian: Yes, it is very cool. Haven’t you ever wished you didn’t need to get out of bed to change the song you are listening or to fast forward a movie?

Lily: Yeah, especially last Saturday when I woke up. I wasn’t feeling good from the night before, and I wanted to put on some music. I ended up not listening to any music because I was too lazy and tired to get out of bed.

Adrian: Sounds like Apple’s remote would have been quite helpful to you!

Lily: Yes, I guess so.

Adrian: Lily, do you own an iPod?

Lily: Of course, who doesn’t now a days?

Adrian: Do you like your iPod?

Read this part QUICK

Lily: Love it.

Adrian: Gotta have it?

Lily: Can’t leave home without it!

Quick Pause

Adrian: I find it interesting that you love you iPod that is made by Apple so much, and yet you still like P.C.’s better.

Lily: Well actually I was planning on getting a new computer soon. And you just told me one feature about their new computers that I like. And you’re right; I do like my iPod, so I might give Apple a shot!

Adrian: Well good luck with your purchase!

Lily: Thank you. Back away from the mike and scream in background “Hi mom, Hi dad!” while I begin to conclude.

Adrian: Johnny, Apple’s are remarkable computers. They really have a ton of cool features now.

Johnny: I just picked up a Macbook myself and I’m enjoying it so much. I will never go back to a P.C. [Pause] I can’t even imagine owning a P.C. anymore. [Pause]

I have always been a pc user, but just recently i made the switch to apple and i will never go back. I can video chat over the internet with friends across the country at different universities. I haven't had any problems with it, and just about everything i need is already downloaded onto the computer. At first i was skeptical about all the programs and other extra ammenities i need, being compatible with a mac, but now just about everything works with a mac.
Good script!

Quick question, when I said "hi, mom, hi, dad".. am I like calling them on a phone or something, or are am I really saying hi to them because they're right there?
you are saying it because you are hoping they are listening on the "tv" or radio or whatever

i'll explain in class
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