Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lily's Announcements = )

Hey All!

Well.. enough was said about the show this morning in class. We all have great ideas. I think the problem is the failure to execute them. So follow up on what you suggested! Have those shorter scripts in on Friday, and the longer ones in on Monday. Print out a copy if you're the writer, and bring a pen to class so you can make corrections. Then upload the revised script as soon as possible.

Seth's already gone over how the script format should look like. Don't forget those cast lists! People won't know they have a role otherwise, and thus won't have time to go over their lines if they're just being handed a script Tuesday night. And don't forget to -review- the script if you're in it! I think I go over my own scripts at LEAST 3-5 times, and run my lines in different ways to see which I think would best suit the script.

On another note.. the technical aspect of Darkness Visible -is- apart of your grade. Therefore, neither myself nor Seth should have to set up mic's or do sound checks on Tuesday nights. It's all you. There really shouldn't be anyone sitting around doing nothing when we meet at 8 pm. You can help the DJ pull music, set up the mic stands, untangle the cords and plug them in, help out in the production booth, in the dj booth, etc etc. Besides.. when you just loaf around.. someone else will do the same.. and it'll be a whole domino effect. And when that happens? The energy will go doooown.

You all have fun ideas for scripts, and I can't wait to go over them in class on Friday! I think I'll be roaming around McKean tomorrow some time between 1 and 4 pm.. so if you need help plotting, getting creative, writing, editing.. or just want to chat about.. random stuff..haha.. give me a call! (321*946*3473)

Peer Mentor Love <3

P.S. I love doing accents or.. crazy voices.. ha.. so if you wanna cast me, yay! And don't forget Rich would like to be in more scripts, so cast him, too!

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