Wednesday, September 13, 2006

jenny's skript...not final

Oh, and here is a scipt i started to write... it doesnt have an ending yet, but tell me what you think...i'll cast it later, so look out for that...

Jenny’s date


(Phone Ring)

Jenny: Hello?
Yes, of coarse I’m excited for our date tonight, Steve.
8o’clock. Sure, I’ll be ready.
Sure, I love Italian.
Ok. See you then.

(phone hang up….dial sound)

Beauty: Yes! Finally its time to go on a date again. And I am lookin gooooood. Mmhm.

Hormone: I know, Beauty. It’s about damn time. I swear, if I don’t get so show Jenny’s wild side tonight, I’m going to go be someone else’s hormones.

Beauty: Oh Jenny, not that lipstick. It makes your teeth look yellow. Oh, good, she chose the other lipstick. Hormone, do you think Jenny should wear the little black dress or the red one with buttons?

Hormone: I don’t know, that’s your job. I’m here to take whatever you chose off.

Self-esteem: (Panicking) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Jenny has a date. WE are going on a date. What do I do! Oh my gosh! I cant do this. Jenny cant do this. It’s going to be terrible. A total disaster!

Hormone: What’s self-esteem’s problem

Beauty: She always gets like this. It’s the same old thing… (mimicking tone) “WE’re fat, ugly. No one is going to love us…” excetera.

Self-esteem: Well, its true. No one is going to love us. Jenny will look terrible in that dress..

Beauty: Hey…

Self-esteem: Then we’ll go to dinner. She will say something stupid and Steve will think she is an idiot. We will come back and Jenny will turn on the T.V. and watch reruns of “Sex in the City” and wonder why we couldn’t be a Samantha. Then we will get fat and no one wants a chubet. Then grow old, own ten cats and be miserable and alone, other than those pesky kids that just love to bug old people.

Intelligence: I resent that “stupid” comment.

Hormone: Hello, Intelligence. How’s the I.Q.

Intelligence: Still moderate for Jenny’s age. Now self-esteem, there is no need to say such things. WE are going to go on the date and I will say something wonderful about global warming and Steve will be intrigued.

Beauty: Or intimidated. Honeslty, Intellegence, I’m tired of you butting in with your comments on global issues. I mean no guy really wants a nerdy girl.

Hormone: That’s right. He wants a real woman. One with look and can keep him entertained.

Self-esteem: Entertained! Oh my. We’re not a very good host. Wait what do you mean by entertained?

Hormone: The birds and the bees, of coarse.

Self-esteem: Oh my goodness! You mean SEX! No, no, no. that’s not going to happen. What if at the first kiss, Jenny misses, or worse, is bad.

Hormone: She isn’t.

Self-esteem: but, but, but, then he will see her….naked! Oh no! Not possible. Especially if the lights are on. He will see her fat roles and be like “hey there fatty!” No, not going to happen. I need to sit down.

Nurture: That’s right, sit down.

Self-esteem: Oh, Nurture, thank God you’re here.

Nurture: Calm down self-esteem. Everything is going to be fine.

Self-esteem: No it isn’t going to be fine. We are going on a date with….STEVE. Have you seen him. He is too good for us.

Beauty: Not for this body.

Nurture: Now, now, self-esteem, It will be great. Jenny hasn’t gone on a date for a while, and she is more than ready. Aren’t you tired of watching “Sex in the City?”

Self-esteem: well, that’s true. Nurture?

Nurture: Yes, darling?

Self-esteem: Do you think Jenny is ugly?

Beauty: Listen, ingrate, Jenny is the hottest chick around.

Nurture: Beauty! Don’t talk to Self-esteem that way.

Hormone: Well, someone should say something. We cant go on the date if we don’t all agree to go. And I can’t stand our dry spell anymore.

Nurture: Self-esteem, hormone is right. We cant go on the date unless we all agree to go. There is no reason we shouldn’t go.

Memory: Yes there is.

Nurture: Oh, no. Memory, what are you doing here. We don’t need you here.

Memory: I think you do. Self esteem, have plenty of reasons you should want to go on this date. Don’t you remember Chris?

Self-esteem: Chris? Oh no. That went really, really bad.

Memory: you remember how we hit it off on the first day, started dating for a while, then he left us for a younger, more beautiful blonde.

Nurture: Stop, memory. This isn’t necessary. All the rest of us want to go.

Memory: Oh, and self-esteem, don’t you remember Dave?

Beauty: Not Dave…

Memory: Oh, yes, good old Dave. Little miss intelligence had to add a comment about politics, and he was silent…for the rest of the night.

Intelligence: Well, how was I supposed to know he was in love with Bush.

Memory: Oh, and Max. He didn’t even call us back. Remember the feeling of putting yourself out there, self esteem? And then getting rejected?

Self-esteem: Oh, yes, I remember.

Nurture: Now, memory, we don’t need your little tid-bits of the past.

Wisdom: That’s right, we must learn from our mistakes and move on.

Memory: Oh, hello, Wisdom. How have you been.

Wisdom: Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

Memory: Um, ok.

Beauty: Excuse me. I don’t mean to break up this little reunion, but we still have to pick out something to wear.

Hormone: it should be something hot. What about that black number you were talking about.

Self-esteem: well, um, black is slimming. I like black.

Nurture: What about something that covers-up a little more.

Hormone: Nurture, we need to accent the assets.

Intelligence: why? Steve is going to like us for what’s in our head, not on our body.

Hormone: Intelligence, don’t ruin this for me. Just try too keep quiet tonight.

Wisdom: Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they want to say something.

Hormone: Yeah, what wisdom said.

Beauty: Focus, everyone. Hair up or down.

Self-esteem: Up. Down. Up. Down, yes, down. That way Steve won see her bony collar and lanky neck.

Beauty: It’s not bony, it’s defined. Self-Esteem, I’m really getting tired of this.

Wisdom: When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

Memory: Wisdom, what are you talking about?

Intelligence: This is the 10 minute call. Steven will be here in ten minutes.

Beauty: Oh, my, we haven’t even decided shoes.

Self-esteem: No!!!! no shoes! No date! We aren’t going. He is going to laugh at her, then we will come back here, eat a pint of ben n’ jerries fish food, and sulk in the dark while watching the OC and wondering, “hey, why couldn’t I be skinny like marissa. And even if I was skinny liker her, they would kill me off the show!”

Nurture: Self-esteem, we have five minutes now. Please, we need you. We cant do it without you. Think about the good dates we have had. Right, memory?

Memory: Well, I guess we have had a couple. Like Nate.

Nurture: Yeah, Nate, you remember Nate… don’t you self-esteem?

Self-esteem: Yeah, I do. He was nice. I liked Nate.

Beauty: I still need to pick shoes!

Self-esteem: well, I guess Jenny’s ankles do look good in the strappy black heels.

Nurture: That’s the spirit. You can do this, we all can. Steven is a nice man.

have you decided who you'd like to cast for this peice yet?
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