Friday, September 29, 2006

jamaican script

Cast: unknown
Status of script: UNFINISHED / Written at 1 in the morning. will be made much much better.

Jamaican goes to order food in a New York City dinner.

Jamaican: ya man, a fe me car.

waitress: Thats a nice car…. What do you want to eat?

Jamaican: me want chaklit cake with nuff icening.

Waitress: we don’t have that, desserts are on the back

Jamaican: how you not have chaklit cake.

Waitress: we just…

Jamaican: with nuff icening.

Waitress: We’ve got carrot cake, and apple pie.

Jamaican: Me want chaklit cake with nuff icening.

Waitress: What are you?

Jamaican: … I’m jamaican.

Waitress: Well we don’t got no “chaklit cake with nuff icening” so move it or lose it.

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