Friday, September 29, 2006

Jamaican script thus far

Hey all....
cast thus far:

waitress *undecided - can anyone do a new york accent and talk quickly?

Status: incomplete- i have many good ideas.

here it is..

Jamaican Script

Jamaican goes to order food in a New York City dinner.

Narrator: A Jamaican goes to eat at a dinner in New York City...

Sound of dishes clashing in background / people talking / some people yelling food orders at cued parts

Waitress: What do you want to eat?

Jamaican: me want chaklit cake with nuff icening.

Waitress: we don’t have that, desserts are on the back

Jamaican: how you not have chaklit cake.

Waitress: we just…

Jamaican: with nuff icening.

ERIC: When waitress begins to say cheese cake, you yell in background, “One order of bacon burnt to a crisp, two eggs over easy, 3 orders of pancakes. Let me get two coffees [W/ NEW YORK ACCENT] and make it quick!” ERIC: say this ‘behind’ the dialogue. I will explain later.

Waitress: We’ve got carrot cake, cheese cake and apple pie.

Jamaican: Me want chaklit cake with nuff icening.

Waitress: What are you?

Jamaican: … I’m jamaican.

Waitress: Well we don’t got no “chaklit cake with nuff icening” so move it or lose it.

Jamaican: No badda mi. You’ve got no chaklit cake.

Waitress: I’m sorry... [sir]

Jamaican: bredda!

Walker: That test sucked.

Jamaican: Boy! I thought that test would have been easy man.

Walker: Me too. What are you gettin?

Jamaican: Me want chaklit cake, but she say they not got any.

Walker: No chocolate cake!? And you call this a dinner?

Waitress: We have carrot cake, cheese cake and apple pie.

Walker: How do you not have chocolate cake?

Waitress: Look, we don’t have any chocolate cake!

Jamaican: girl, Me want to speak with your manager.

Waitress: One moment.

Waitress walks away

Walker: How can they not have chocolate cake?

Jamaican: You tellin me man… all me want is some chaklit cake man.

Walker: So when do you go back to work?

Jamaican: Mi a-go back to work on chewsay.

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