Friday, September 15, 2006

I wish I had a single

(Lilly thinking to herself) Ok, so I am a freshmen in college, right. My friends and I had so many fears before we went away to college, such as gaining a freshmen 15, accidently sleeping with a professor at a party, or becoming a sally the slut…well the roommate was my biggest fear.. When I first got to Rollins I was loving it, but before I knew it, my roommate turned completely psycho. I wish I had a single.
What the heck, why can’t I open this stupid door, ughhhh I just locked it again.

Tina- Hey girlfriend whats going on???.

Lilly- Tina why don’t you ever TELL ME your in here, and you are standing by the door can’t you just open it for me, I have all these books.

Tina- Sorry girl, I screamed as loud as I could.

Lilly- Whatever

Narrator – At this point I just wanted to cry and go to bed I have been up since 2 doing work last night and my roommate woke me up at 6:30 … oh god I can hear her voice now….

Tina – OH MY GOD I SLEPT SO WELL, Oh my god, my roommate is still sleeping!
Wake Up Wake UpOn a saturday nightCould be New YorkMaybe Hollywood and VineLondon, Paris maybe TokyoThere's something going on anywhere I goTonightTonightYeah, tonight

Lilly- ( moaning) I don’t have till class till 10

Tina- Damnn girl it’s already 5, I only have five hours left. I better get moving!!!

Lilly- Tina im tired, I really just want to sleep, do you think that you can be a little quieter???

Tina- oh yeah sure girlfriend don’t worry about it…

Narrator –Ten minuets later
(a hair dryer sound)

Lilly- Tina I thought I told you that I was trying to sleep….

Tina- Well you did hun, but see how am I suppose to get beautiful for all these HUNKS, huh girlfriend….

Lilly- Yeah I guess….

(Later that day)

Jen- Ah!! I love this part when Carrie and Big get together but I don’t know why, hes such a jerk to her!

Lily- And I can’t believe Miranda’s pregnant

Denise; Again?

Jen; No she was never pregnant.

Sarah; Guys quiet I’m trying to watch the show

Lily; I was so surprised.

Jen; Samantha slept with so many men, I surprised she didn’t get pregnant.

Lily; Remember when she became a lesbian

Denise; Oh that was so gross.

Sarah; You guys.

Jen; Super gross.

Denise; I still loved her though in a non lesbian way.

Jen; Yeah me too.

Lilly- I know!! I love Sex in the City!

Sarah- SHHH guys!!!! YOUR RUINING IT!!!

Lilly,Jen- Haha ok SORRY Sarah! Hahaha

( The door Slams Open)


Lilly, Jen, Sarah- Hi Tina, how are you?

Tina- Good what have you all been up to all day?

Lilly- We have been watching Sex in the City.


Tina- Umm actually I need you all to leave I have to do my homework…

Lilly- Tina, these are my friends and I live here, you cant just come in and kick people out…

Tina- Yes I need to, this paper that’s due in 5 days is soooo crucial and needs to be done right this second.

Lilly- Fine Tina have it your way.

(Lilly talking to herself)I left a few hours later, It was pouring outside

Jen- Lilly come on lets go we need to go catch the movie, we are going to be so late!!!

Lilly- Ok ok, let me just go get my rain coat.

(Lilly talking to herself) I go to my room to get my rain coat and umbrella, nothing is there, no note and my rain gear is gone.

Lilly: What the heck! Is she serious, she took all of my rain stuff, what the heck am I suppose to wear, does she ever think of anyone else!

Jen- No she doesn’t she is the only child remember, its hard Lilly but I am sure it will get better.

Lilly- GET BETTER!! JEN, She wakes me up in the morning even on weekends at the crack of dawn. When we watch movies all day on the weekends, she barges in OUR room not hers, not mine, but OUR ROOM, and tells MY friends to get out because SHE has to do work, or change. THAT’S NOT FAIR I live here too!
God, we are so different, I don’t know how we got put together, its going to far….. OH AND ON TOP OF THAT SHE TAKES MY RAINCOAT WHEN IT’S POURING OUT!!! HOW MUCH WORSE COULD IT GET!!!! I wish I had a single.

Jen- Come on Lilly, lets just go for a walk and see how you feel ok in a little.

(Lily talking to herself); 4 hours later around 10:00 at night Jen and I casually walked back to Lilly’s room. I felt so much better. Then I hung out there for a while. I started undressing into my p.j’s when the door slammed open..

TINA IM CHANGING!!!!!! AND YOU HAVE TIMMY WITH YOU, SHUT .Honestly Tina, right now im really mad, just leave the door open I don’t have my key with me, ill be back soon.


Lilly; I come back 1 hour later, tries to get in the door, its locked. Ugh, I am going to go insane, this is not working out. Today’s going be to a good day. I got no sleep last night but that’s okay. All I need is a mocha latte supreme and I’ll be okay.

Lilly: Where’s my mocha latte supreme. Katie did you drink the mocha latte supreme in the fridge?
L; Yeah
T; But it was mine
L; You didn’t have your name on it. Oh yeah you did, you didn’t have your name on the chocolate cake or the delicious sandwich.
T; You ate my cake and my
I can’t deal with it anymore I just lost it.(takes a breath) First of all there are only two people that have a key to this room. Therefore, there are only two people living in hear. Meaning that only two people would put something in the (as if in sounding it out) refrigerator. Therefore if you didn’t buy it then it is not yours.
L; What about Bill?
T; The R.A.?
L; Yes.
T; What about Bill?
L; He has a key.
T; So.
L; So maybe he could have come and put the alleged chocolate cake and delicious sandwich in the (as if mooching her) re-fri-ger-a-tor.
T; So what your saying is you believe that are R.A., was just walking by and thought, gee maybe I should put some chocolate cake and a sandwich
L; Yeah;
T; Do you actually hear the words that are coming out of your mouth or
L; It’s very logical.
T; Logical? (under her breath) I doubt she even know what that word means.
L; What?
T; Nothing, I mean using this logic. How did you know he didn’t leave there it for me?
L; Ha
T; Ha
L; Did I say Ha? I’m sorry I meant ( starts to laugh) Ha ha ha ha ha hah.
T; What’s that suppose to mean?
L; Well look at you.
T; What?
L; It’s not just how you look it’s your voice.
T; What’s wrong with my voice.
L; Well your so manly.
T; Manly?
L; You walk around stomping and yelling who ate my chocolate cake, Stop letting boys see me naked. I’m going to eat you rah.
As if, you should be more sweet and gentle like me. Like, who ate my chocolate cake, I’m going to eat you rah. You know more like me. And by the way if your name not’s on it it’s community property unless it looks delicious then it’s up for grabs.
T; Are those my pants?
L; I don’t see your name on it.
T; Katie.
L; Yes?
T; ( In a princess voice) Sleep with your eyes open? (slams door)
L; Oh my gosh, she’s so up tight. She’s like the worst room mate ever. I wish I had a single.

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