Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I can't wait till next week

Well, i think we all learned from last weeks show and hopefully, you kidstook some of wehat you suffered through and triumphed from to heart. There were bright sport, but if you really look at the show, i think there is a lack of communication and drive to suceed. I know that you all have other classes and what not, nor am i implying that you do not care about this class but you all have a pretty cool opportunity. YOu can write about anything and air it on radio with a thousand or so people listening. You can make it great or it can stink. You are all intelligent kids and you have the potential to make this show something great. That beging said, here are somethings that you might want to think of for the future.

In my world, scripts should look like this

My Super Script
Steve - Johnny
Steve is a forty year old man with a sinus problem, he compensates by speaking quietly
Amanda - Amanda
Amanda is a valley girl with a lisp

Stage directions should look like this (quietly) (flustered)

-TRy to know what sound effects you need early in the week...its one less thing to do during the chaos.

Ive got nothing else for now. Hope all is well. Much love, papa mentor

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