Friday, September 29, 2006

Hollywood News

Hollywood News- if anyone wants to edit this they can, this is the first draft

Bob: Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Bob Hewitt, coming to you live from Darkness Visible Radio, at Rollins College. Tonight we have a few pieces of Hollywood news, and updates. We all know a lot going on in the world of Hollywood! Whose with whom, who did what, and who did who! Here is Ann Taylor with your news.

Ann: Good evening, first, our lovely Brad Pitt, beau of Angelina Jolie is forcing Angelina to have another baby? He claims that he wants a boy, a biological boy. Will Angelina give in to the gorgeous historical Brad Pitt or will she stand up to be the powerful stubborn women we all know her as today. Find out more on Brangolina soon!

Ann: Next, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are still going strong! They have been together for a year now and Ashton, in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, states that Demi and he barely ever fight; if they ever do have problems then they talk it over so no fight goes too far. Sounds like a good strategy, huh Bob.

Bob: Yes it does Ann, Yes it does. Looks like it wasn’t such an outrageous relationship after all.

(They laugh)

Ann: Now we are on to upcoming movies. Strange enough, Kristin Cavallari is staring as a popular girl, president of her sorority, in the remake of Revenge of the Nerds. She will be the star cheerleader, hazing the nerds, and showing off her looks and curves to Hollywood.

Bob: Can’t wait till I see that one.

Ann: I am sure you can’t Bob.

(They laugh)

Ann: And finally here tonight, we have an update of the tension between Lindsey Lohan and Harry Morton. A few weeks early Morton tells that the two were quote on a break. More recently while Lindsey was surrounded by paparazzi was asked if she is still seeing Morton, and she calmly answers yes. Who could be lying in this relationship? Lindsey’s past has not been the cleanest when it comes to telling the truth. Why would Harry Morton lie about his already public relationship? Stay tuned until next week.
Thank you for tuning in and have a great night. Back to you Bob

Bob: Ahhh yes, Ann. Well there is your Hollywood gossip for you, We’ll see you next week on, Darkness Visible Radio, Have a great night.

can you jazz this up a bit? can you do something with it to give it a twist?
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