Wednesday, September 27, 2006

hey everyone. that show last night was way better than the past few we have we are getting there. anyways, i agree with johnny that we have to read the skripts before hand, even if it during another skript before you go on air, just read though it a little. that will also make us sound more enerized and everything flow better. also, the first person to speak needs to know when to speak...we need some kind of universal signal from the both, maybe putting your hand up and couting down using your fingers. having two dj's instead of one was also an advantage, sarah and i were never really stressed about running from one room to another and the music flowed a little better. the only thing i do reacomend is that if you pick out a cd and dive it to the dj, put s note on it that says what number so that they do not have to go looking for you! that was annoying.
great job last night and keep up the awsome skripts. we had such a good amount of skripts!!!


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