Friday, September 29, 2006

The Hammer "HEB HAMMER"

Nararator: Once upon a time in a place far, far, away there was a young bar-mitzvah who went by the name Moisha. Young Moisha was an only child raised to be a Jew and he proudly supported his heritage. He was not like the other young Jewsih kids playing with draidles minding there own. Moisha was different. He stood up for his people and fought off evil and ever since that day they called him the Hebrew Hammer.

Hammer: Shabat Shalom mother

Mother: Good morning my angel...

Hammer: So mother whats for breakfast

Mother: Well first off Moisha I cant let you keep living like this... you are a grown man still living with his mother... you know our neighbors the goldstein's there son has already graduated law school and started his own practice

hammer: ma is that really necessary I was working on the JLN (Jewish League of Nations) most wanted list for the people who have created acts against the Jews... isn't that enough

Mother: of course sweat heart but, how about a real career like benjamen goldstein

hammer: ok ma holy moses what about the breakfast allready

mother: breakfast fine dear but after you eat I need you to run some errands for me

hammer: but ma

mother: no if ands buts about it, go to the grocery store and get your bubala the things on the this list

hammer: ok ma love you

mother: bye son have a nice day at the JLN.. oyyy vey is my son ever going to grow up?

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