Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Adrian Cohn
JJ Forcella

Carolina, Amanda, and Lily - Singers

Carolina, Amanda and Lily- JJ and I will bring a CD for you to listen to so you know the lyrics to the songs. If you can sing them along with the music in the background, it would be hilarious, and would, as Dr. Boles mentioned, give us better marks [ :) ] because we would be producing our own music!!!

Rich: Welcome to Guess that Disney Tune! Here’s how you play. I play a few seconds of a Disney Tune and you call in with the name of the song I’m playing. If you win, you get various Disney Prizes. And here is our first song.

A Whole New World Plays

Phone Rings after 4 seconds of song playing…

Rich: We’ve got our first caller!

JJ: That’s A Whole New World!!! What did I win what did I win!!??

Rich: Good job… what is your name caller?

JJ: The name is JJ. So what did I win?

Rich: A Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.

JJ: Can I have a Mini Mouse stuffed animal instead

Rich: Sure… On to the next song…

Be Our Guest Plays

Rich: Caller?

JJ: Be Our Guest!!!

Rich: Wait… didn’t you call in for the last song.

JJ: So.

Rich: How… how did you call in so fast?

JJ: I’m a Disney World addict and I want to win.

Rich: Well you just won…

JJ: sweet… what did I win?

Rich: One-day Park Pass.

JJ: Well what kind of pass? You can get Single Park or a hopper pass… which one did I just win?

Rich: You won a Single Park pass.

JJ: Sweet. I already have season passes to all of the parks, but I will give it to my girlfriend, Jill.

Rich: Alrighhhttt. You two have fun. Onto the next song.

I Can Go the Distance Plays

Rich: This better not be JJ. Caller?

Eric: Yooooo, this is JJ!!!! [Pause] Just kiddin this is Eric. Whasssss popin?

Rich: Just waiting for this show to be over. Eric, what song was that?

Eric: I don’t [BLEEP] know!!! I don’t listen to Disney World music.. i write me on stuff. I’m CEO, the one to know.

Rich: The one to what?

Eric; The one to know.

Rich: You sound like you’re retarded.

Eric: I’m not the one runnin some Disney triva show.


NEXT caller!

JJ: Hey Rich. I just want to say that Eric should go screw himself. And Eric, your accent is fake. And the song was I Can Go the Distance.

Rich: You just went the distance. Free hotel room for one night… you and Jill. Have fun buddy. Onto the next song! And what movie is it from?

Best of Friends Plays

Rich: Name that song and movie caller!!

JJ: Hey again Rich.

Rich: JJ, it’s you again?

JJ: You know it. That was Best of Friends in the Fox and the Hound!

Rich: I don’t know what to say JJ, you know your Disney.

JJ: Yeah. Yes I do.

Rich: JJ, you’ve won season passes for you and Jill for next year. Have fun.

That’s all the time we have here at Guess that Disney Tune. So for all you Disney lovers, until next time, study up Rollins College.

Rich, say “study up Rollins College” like “Stay classy San Diego” by Ron Burgendy.

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