Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
I was just feeling a little shortchanged in this weeks script line ups and was going to post some thoughts. I think because i typecast myself as the DJ which is what i enjoy doing the most so far i was forgotten about during script writing. I would like to inform you all that I actually am a good actor, with voice talents and funniness. Yes i am aware that funniness is not a word, i made it up to suit my needs, i do that, im a word makerupper. theres another one. But anyhoo i just wanted to remind peeps that i can act pretty well and can do a lot of accents and was hoping maybe just maybe i could have a part in a few more scripts each week.
Lots of love and respect,
Richard Lee Ford I

rich you are the main character in my script. . .i hope this doesn't mean you haven't looked at your lines yet. . .
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