Friday, September 15, 2006

Chewbacca Gets Questioned by Airport Security

Chewbacca Gets Questioned by Airport Security

Chewie: Grrrrrrrr

TSA Guy: I’m sorry sir could you please step over here?

Chewie: Grrrrrrrr

TSA Girl: Sir may I see your passport?

Chewie: Grrrrrrrr

TSA Girl: What are you doing in the United States Mr….. Chewbacca?


TSA Girl: Uh huh, well that’s great sir, unfortunately you’ve been selected for a random screening in our offices. Come with me please sir.

Chewie: GRRRRRR!!!!!

TSA Guy: Now sir, exactly what is your relationship with members of Al Queda?

Chewie: GRRRRRR!!!!!

TSA Guy: Sir, please… we all know Chewbacca is an arab name, and obviously you have deep ties with terrorism.

Chewie: GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

TSA Guy: Sir you aren’t going anywhere, the FBI is on their way to further… interrogate you. You may just want to confess now before the real investigation begins.

Chewie: GRRRRR!!!!!!

TSA Girl: He’s getting violent, hit him with the tranq gun!!!!!


TSA Guy: Got ‘em!!!! Eat that terrorist!!!!

Chewie: Grr….. Grr….. Gr…

TSA Girl: Nice shot, he’s out cold. How could you tell he was a terrorist?

TSA Guy: Please… only terrorists can grow that kind of facial hair.
TSA Girl: Wow you’re amazing, I hope to be just like you someday.

TSA Guy: It comes with time Cindy, it comes with time.

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