Friday, September 22, 2006


My laptop is about to die I think ill have more before class starts but this is it for now...

Eric Cohen

Professor Boles- as professor boles

Boles: Good morning class how is everybody feeling this bright Monday morning.

Class: GOOOOOOODD! (drowning voices)

Boles: Did everybody do there homework assignments

Class: Yeeeesssss!

Boles: Ok class… please write the honor code on your papers and then hand them in

Walker: Yo Johnny I saw Eric get his notes from Madison and then he used her notes to write his paper… ummm does that mean I’m breaking the honor code

Johnny: Yes Walker but, now thanks for telling me cause now im breaking the honor code if you weren’t going to say anything you should’ve just kept it to yourself … idiot… (talking to professor boles now) Proffesor Boles

Boles: Yes Johnny…

Johnny: Well I just heard…..

Walker: (giving a nudge or whispering) Johnny what are you doing?

Johnny: (replying to walker) I need to tell

Walker: Don’t do it! The whole class will think that we are tatle tales…

Johnny: Well what about HONOR!

Walker: Fudge HONOR! Our reputations are on the line no girl will want to be with us if. You. Do. This.

Boles: Well Johnny is everything ok…

Johnny: Yes sorry nevermind

Walker: (sighing) Thank God!

Johnny: Well ask maddy and find out for sure what happened

Narrarator: After class Johnny and Walker confront maddy

Johnny: Maddy… Walker and I need to talk to you

Maddey: Sorry guys I don’t talk to freshman outside class

Walker: But its about the notes… Yes we know about the notes

Narrarator: Sarah walking by is shocked about the news she just herd

Sarah: Maddey please… Don’t tell me that you gave Eric the notes on the article

Maddey: Guys so what if I did! Relax its only notes.

Sarah, Johnny, and Walker: But what about HONOR!

Maddey: What is wrong with you people. Honor shmoner. Nobody will know just shutup!

Narrarator: Look who it is RCC Counsler Seth lets hear what he has to say

Seth: Whats up kiddies?

Walker: We have a problem! Eric cheated on his assignment!

Seth: Guys I’m your RCC Counsler you cant be saying this to me… now option A: I have to tell proffesor boles or option B: Im going to walk away

Maddey: Ughhhh… Just go seth we don’t need your peer mentoring advice we can handle this… we never talked and I never gave Eric his notes or whatever jeese… wait theres a frat guy. Guyz hide in the bushes

Adrian: Hey Maddey! Uhhhh… were you just talking to some freshman

Maddey: Are you kidding you know I would never… so you guyz throwing a party tonite or what

Adrian: Of course babe… Remember room 312 its always a party at 312 Darkness Visible House

Maddey: Ill be there… wow… hes so dreamy!... You guyz can come out now.

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