Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thoughts on our First show. 8/29/06

Honestly, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I thought our first show was going to bomb. Yes we had SOME material, but not much. About half of the class had major technical problems with the blog, and nearly everyone in the class was organized. I could tell that Dr. Boles was a little upset/ worried about the lack of scripts, and I kept thinking about how bad this show was going to bring my grade down. Trying to keep myself busy and attempting to keep out of the way of the teacher, I helped Seth pick out some music. It seemed as if no one was ready or prepared, we were just printing up all of the necessary scripts and then BANG! The show started and we were forced to start putting things on the air.

Once the show started though, something funny happened; people started scrapping, and the show came together. I think we picked up steam as the show went on. Payback was a great script and I think that after everyone heard that, we all kind of realized that “Hey, we can do this thing, and do it well.” It set the tone for a good night. Amanda and Maddy were also great in Coffee talk (another good script) and the music selection was awesome. I think that the calmness of the music help keep us cool and focused throughout the night.

Personally, I had a lot of fun with the Laguna Bog script. And even though we all cracked up in the middle of the Gazebo skit, I think we covered nicely. J.J. has an impeccable announcer voice, and really nailed it on the “Sluts in College” skit. I cant wait to write the next one. From a writing standpoint, I think that we really need to be descriptive in what we are saying. Mention peoples names more, set the scene more, ECT. We also need to post more on the blog and be more organized. This can be fixed easily. Also, so I don’t forget, Eric’s beats were off the chiiizane.

For next week: I’m writing another “Sally the Slut” skit…its almost done and should be posted by Friday. I was also thinking about something to do with all the kids getting sick…maybe the bubonic plague breaking out in McKean hall? Carolina said something about zombies. I’m also down for writing a mafia or horror skit that is more serious and less funny. If you want to help me out w/ that just e-mail me.

Take is easy guys,

Walker's comments about writing are incredibly accurate.

I hope you all took note of what he said.
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