Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rrrreview of Tuuuesday

Good to see all of you posting about the show! To echo some sentiments that have already been expressed, a lot more energy could've been put into preparation for the show. Like having enough scripts printed out, already having a roster of which scripts were being aired posted on the blog beforehand, etc etc. But now that you all got a good taste of the Darkness Visible craziness, you know just how to raise the bar. : ) You all did great. The energy level was amazing.. you totally built off each other. If you can keep it fun and exciting like you did Tuesday, all is well. The past two years, sometimes there was a problem keeping the energy level up.. but if you guys continue what you've already started, I see no troubles. And I LOVED the accents haha.. Walker and Nate as rednecks especially. That made my night. Oh, and Eric's mafia shindig.. "here's ya mah-nee". I do think there's room for variety in script genre, as someone already mentioned. They were all comedies, if I'm not mistaken. It'd be nice to have some drama on the show.. and a spin on current events, too. I'm glad some scripts have already been posted, and I look forward to looking over some more before our next show on Tuesday!! : D

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