Thursday, August 31, 2006

reflections in the water of beauty

yo that was a dope show, we had some slow parts, but the up parts were niiiiiiiice. I personally thought that all of my scripts were the best, with the exception of maybe one of walkers scripts. I will do my personal best to ensure that the illest scripts will always be ready every tuesday night, and that we will hold it down from here on out until christmas. out of a possible 10 points of hte show, i give us a 7, which is not bad for a first time. we were so fresh and so clean, and we're only gonna get better. i think we should all have a sit down and decide what worked, what didnt work, and what could work if we tweak it a lil bit. tommorow morning i hope to have this conversation with all y'all. if you would like to conference with me before tommorow, hit me up, holla at ya boy, peace up, O town. Good show everyone, the only place to go is up.

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