Thursday, August 31, 2006

My thoughts on the night of the 29th

Guyz..... First of all I want to congradulate everyone on a job well done for the first show. Eventhough we were a little unprepared I feel like we did the best job we could have. The confusion was to a minimum I feel like we had a control of what was going on and that everyone one was were they needed to be when they needed to be there which made things run smoothe. Although Lilly forgot to turn of my mic when I was chatting with her; nothing inappropriate or unauthorized got on the air. People we need to work on our acting skills. Nate you were sick as well Walker Texas Ranger... Impressive! I did not contribute as much as I should've and I promise to deliver the www.WhatTimeWillItRain?.com.
I am excited for the next show and expect a dang gosh darnit good one.

OoOoO yeah... lets get a new dj with a sense of taste

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