Thursday, August 31, 2006

hey blogger!

i thought tuesday went just dandily. I was calm the whole time but had a feeling there would be some large scale screw ups but i was surprized there wasnt. i liked being a vj and playing songs the best but acting on the radio was a lot of fun too. i streamed some of our show of the wprk and it sounded real good. i liked how the show turned out a lot. my parents listened to it too because my families tight like that and they thought it was a good show too considering we are students and that it was our first group venture into the world of soundwaves and radio broadcasting. i liked having everyone acting and such but im really excited to hold a show down by myself. i think theat will be great. i thought it was funny how into everything Walker gets hes funny. Nathan Fulton was just a comic mastermind with his scripts and radio persona. Sarah's psycic run was so funny, she's great. Everybody had strong performances. I thought that Professor Boles did a great job running things from behind the scenes while letting us do our own thing. Seth Stutman was a very positive team member who had a lot of legit feedback and knowledge to impart on our young minds. Lily Velez was strong pointing at people to get them to go on air. Overall i felt we had a strong radio show and i was proud to be apart of it. I cant wait till next week and the weeks after when the shows get better and better!
I'm really excited about this!

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