Monday, August 28, 2006



Announcer: Now we are going on to our next show. We put a hidden microphone in our Rollins Gazebo, lets she what happens…..

Stoner 1: Duuuuddeee, this shiz is awesome man.

Stoner 2: Dude no way, no way. Did you hear about the ATO party the other night, it was off the chizannnee…

Stoner 1: Dude I heard there were like 40 kegs and like maddd herb being passed around…

Stoner 2: imagine all the people man, crazzzyyyyyyyy..

Stoner 1: Dude, man did you just hear that?

Stoner 2: No man your just baked dude…

Stoner 1: Nahh man I’m hungry anyways... let’s peace

Stoner 2: Aight, we’re off like a prom dress….

Stoner 1: Niceeeee

(they exit with two steps of footsteps in the backround)

Walley: Heyy- yoo—vinny. Ive got a job for you, A job I got. See, see there is this kid, and he knows this information, some information I just don’t want him to know… So you’re takin this hit for me….

Vinny P: Well, Walley I was thinking of retiring, but I know I owe it to you.. and im a man of my word….

Walley: I’ll meet you back here later, ill bring the goods for you service.

Vinny P: Alright Alight.

(two sets of footsteps exiting again)

Peggy Sue: BILLY! OMG, thank you for dinner, I didn’t know beans was so elegant.

Billy: Well since I took you to dinner I think its time for you to repay me..

(kissing sound)

Peggy Sue: Billy I don’t know if this is such a good idea.

Billy: Aww shucks, Peggie Sue. I like you a lot. And its just a little fun.

Peggie Sue: Billy, I feel weird.

Billy: Just let it happen.

Peggie Sue: I can’t do this (runs off).

Billy: damn!

Stoner 1: Dude! Why do we keep coming back to the Gazebo? Do you ever feel like someone’s watching us?

Stoner 2: (giggle) your freaking me out, man.

Stoner1: Dude, did you hear about Peggie Sue…what a slut man.

Stoner 2: I heard she, like, took Billy’s pants off and forced him to sleep with her.

Stoner 1: That’s messed up, man.


Billy: Derek, bro, I got down and dirty with Peggie Sue. Oh, yeah, and she wanted it.

Derek: No way man!... I heard she gets around.

Billy: She’s been all over me this past week, so I just went for it and… (haha) lets just say she didn’t complain.

Derek: Dude, you might want to get checked for VD.

Billy: It’s cool, bro. I’m no fool…I wrap my tool.

Derek: who the hell are those kids over there?

Billy: I don’t know dude, but they have some nice hash. I got to get out of here, dude.

(footsteps) (footsteps)

Wally: Hey, yo… Vinny! Did you exceed my expectations or am I ganna be disappointed again?

Vinny: That depends…did you bring the cash. And who are these two fools?

Wally: Don’t worry bout it. Just some stoners. Here’s your money.

Vinny: Then the job is done.

Wally: it’s a pleasure working with ya. I hope to do business again. Send my love to mother and uncle Sal.

Vinny: Hold up! There isn’t the full grand in here!

Wally: what! You think I would hold out on my old pal?

Vinny: I think you would you sleaze.

Wally: I think you are questioning me. I don’t like so much when people question me.

Vinny: Yeah that’s right… I’m questionin ya and your mother.

Wally: well in that case…SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! (gun shots)… No one questions Wally P. (typical Italian last name)


Stoner1: Dude, what the…

Stoner 2: No way man! That guy just…and then that guy…and then he… I’m wiggin out!

Stoner1: Hey, man, do we tell someone? Like the Fuz?

Stoner2: No, man, let’s just get out of here.


Announcer: Um…yeah…um I don’t know what to say or do….so we’re just going to cut to some music and try to call security. It’s been real...or just really weird…I quit this show.


I think some of this can work, but remember it is radio and on the page it may make sense as they move between the different people on the page, I am not sure on the radio it is going to be as clear.

A better idea might be too limit the number of instances you have here, and provide some kind of announcer who will give a sense of what is happening and who is coming into the gazebo and can provide the transition. It can even be something that is done over the course of the two hours. "We have set up a set of microphones in the gazebo and over the course of the evening we will be listening in on conversations that
are happening in real time. etc. etc."

I am not that comfortable with the date rape part of the conversation.
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