Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food Critics

John and I have been working on this script and we plan on adding a lot more tonight. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Salt and Pepper are temporary names. If anyone has clever names, let us know!

Also, I have already spoken to Eric regarding the theme music and hopefully we can decide, as a class, on which "beat" to use on Monday.

Thank you, and John and I hope you enjoy what we have written thus far.

First Draft

Set up:

Intro music playing…

Fade to applause…

Host: Thank you!

More applause

Thank you and Good evening. [with a catchy saying] Welcome to Dine Out with Rollins! This week, we sent two of our alumni to review a restaurant of their choice. There names are Salt and Pepper. They were freshman roommates and got along well. Now, after 15 years, Dine Out with Rollins have re united them, and sent them on a small journey. We hope you enjoy their story as much as we did.

But first, you may have noticed our new theme music! I’d like to give Eric Cohen a shout out for “hookin us up” with the hottest theme song! Keep on makin those beats, brotha.

And without further adieu, que the music!
Brunette dump

Theme music…

Salt: Pepper! What’s up brotha. How’ve you been man. Long time no see!
Pepper: Yeah man, what’s up. I’ve been good I’ve been good… how are you?

Salt: I’m doin good!

How’s life treating you? Are you still rackin up the ass like you were back in freshman year?

Pepper: I’m in a bit of a slump to be honest man. Remember that brunette that I hooked up with during Freshman Orientation?

Salt: Are you talking about Annie or Charlotte?

Pepper: Annie. The one with the…

Salt: yea yea, I know who you’re talkin about! What about her?

Pepper: Well, we were dating for a year and a half and I thought we were close to tying the knot, but then one day she flipped a shit and told me she needed some space.

Salt: I’m sorry to hear that Pepper. Has it been hard?

Pepper: Yeah man. I think about her all the time. But hey, now I’m single and let me tell you, it AIN’T a bad thing to be single. There are some fine ladies out there.

Salt: Yeah man, I know what you… check that out…. Three o’clock…

Pepper: Man, I don’t know what you are talking about. Her ass is as flat as a pancake… but whatever dude. Lets head out… Where do you want to go?

Salt: I’m thinking Mexican… what do you think?

Pepper: I dono Salt, I’m thinking Italian.

Salt: Let’s just get some Mexican food.

Pepper: Mexican food is so overrated.

Salt: What are you talking about man Mexican food is great… Italian shmalian.

Pepper: Mexican is gonna mess up my system!

Salt: I don’t care, get in the car, I’m driving, we’re getting Mexican food.

Pepper: First of all, I’m driving, and second of all, we are getting Italian tonight.

Salt: I don’t think you are getting this straight… I’m the one who will be driving, and whether you like it or not, we are getting Mexican food.

Pepper: Common man. Annie and used to eat Mexican food all the time. I really don’t want to think about her right now. Let’s just make this simple and go to Italian.

Salt: Alright alright, but I’m driving.

Pepper: Fine.

When you clean up the piece, don't forget about the profanity and taking it out.

I like the inclusion of the former girlfriend. It's a good device and a way to separate the two and it can be a good pay off at the end. I like the Mexican comment and that she liked it, etc.

Good potential here.
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